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Entry  Mon Jul 2 11:30:22 2018, Koji, Electronics, Characterization, 3IFO EOM impedance measurement impedance_eom.pdfEOM_Z_DATA.zip
    Reply  Wed Jul 4 18:30:51 2018, Koji, Electronics, Characterization, EOM circuit models eom_models.pdfeom9.pdfeom24.pdfeom45.pdf180704_3IFO_EOM_model.zip
Message ID: 298     Entry time: Mon Jul 2 11:30:22 2018     Reply to this: 302
Author: Koji 
Type: Electronics 
Category: Characterization 
Subject: 3IFO EOM impedance measurement 

[Rich Koji]

3IFO EOM (before any modification) was tested to measure the impedance of each port.

The impedance plot and the impedance data (triplets of freq, reZ, imZ) were attached to this entry.

Attachment 1: impedance_eom.pdf  767 kB  Uploaded Mon Jul 2 12:51:17 2018  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
Attachment 2: EOM_Z_DATA.zip  89 kB  Uploaded Mon Jul 2 12:51:25 2018
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