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Message ID: 29     Entry time: Tue Oct 16 15:51:01 2012
Author: Koji 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Plan Update: October [!] 

Completed work of the previous months: [Jul] [Aug] [Sep] [Oct] [Nov] [Dec]


  • Work in progress
    • RoC measurement
    • R&T measurement
    • Wedge measurement
  • Work to be done
    • Replacing a file cabinet next to the south wall by a lockable cabinet
    • Additional clean supplies ~ glove 8.5,9,9.5
    • Stainless bats
    • Ion gun safety issues: https://dcc.ligo.org/cgi-bin/private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=88631
  • Design
    • Laser SOP
  • Test
    • Continuous monitoring of the particle level
  • Note: Optical Table W96" x D48" x H27"


  • Laser SOP / HV use? / UV?
  • Procedures to be decided
    • PZT alignment
    • UV glue? (heat) / gluing test
    • Balance
    • N2 cylinder/lines/filter
  • Design
    • Mode design for HAM6 layout
    • Finalization of scattering paths
  • Things to be decided / confirmed
    • How to handle optics / assemblies (Talk to the prev people)
    • First contact? (Margot: applicable to a short Rc of ~2.5m)
    • Gluing templates to be designed (how to handle it?)
  • PDs
  • Things to buy
  • Need to buy a fiber for mode cleaning?
  • Mode content of the ELIGO dark beam?
  • Jitter noise?
  • How to determine the design?
  • Why Fused Silica? (How much is the temp fluctuation in the chamber?)
  • How to align the cavity mirrors, input mirrors, QPDs, PDs, beam dumps.
  • PZTs @LLO


  • Thorough scrutinization of cabling / wiring / electronics
    • ELIGO OMC Wiring diagram D070536-A2
      • Occupies 2 DB25s -> They were anchored on the sus cage
      • Preamps for DCPDs will be fixed on the ISI table
        -> DB25 for the DCPDs will be anchored on the table
      • Use longer thin cables for the DCPDs in order to route them through the suspension stages
      • Turn the heater cable to the one for the other PZT
  • Electronics / CDS electronics / software
  • Things to be tested
    • QPD/PD pre-selections (QE/noise)
    • PD preamp design (Rich)
    • Functionality test of QPD/PD/PZT

Shipping, storage etc

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