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Message ID: 281     Entry time: Fri Jun 23 01:58:11 2017
Author: Koji 
Type: Optics 
Category: General 
Subject: OMC #002 Repair - CM1 gluing 

[Alena, Koji]

Jun 21: Alena and Koji worked on gluing of the CM1 mirror on the OMC breadboard #002. This is an irregular procedure. Usually, the PZT mirror subassembly is prepared before the mounting prism is glued on the breadboard. In this occasion, however, a PZT and a mirror are bonded on an existing prism because only the damaged mirror and still functional PZT were debonded from the mouting prism.

For this purpose, the mirror and the PZT were fixed on the mounting prism with the modified fixture set (D1600338). The original PZT was reused, and the new mirror #8 was used. The alignment of the mirror was checked OK using the cavity beam before any glue was applied. The arrow of the CM mirror is facing up.

We mixed 8g EP30-2 (it was almost like 3~4 pushes) and 0.4g glass sphere bond lining. Along with EP30-2 procedure, the bond was mixed in an Al pot and tested with 200degF (~93degC) preheated the oven for 15min. The cured bond showed perfect dryness and crispness. The bond was painted on the PZT and the PZT was placed on the fixture. Then more bond was painted on the other side of the PZT. The mirror was placed in the fixture. The spring-loaded front plate was fixed, and the breadboard was left for a day. (Attachment 1~3)

Jun 22: The fixture was removed without causing any visible delamination or void. The attachment 4~6 show how wet the joint is (before baking). There were some excess of EP30-2, which bonded the fixture and the mounting prism as usual. The fixture was detached by prying the front piece against the rear piece with a thin allen key. Some of the excess bond on the mounting prism was removed by scratching.

The alignment of the cavity was checked with the cavity beam and it is still fine.

More photos can be found here: Link to Google Photos Album "OMC #002 Repair - CM1 gluing"

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