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Message ID: 13     Entry time: Tue Jul 31 21:33:17 2012
Author: Koji 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Plan Update: August [!] 

Completed work of the previous months: [Jul] [Aug] [Sep] [Oct] [Nov] [Dec]


  • Work done
  • Things ordered
    • Office Depot
      • [delivered] Office Depot(R) Brand Stretch Wrap Film, 20 x 1000 Roll, Clear / 445013
      • [delivered] Eveready(R) Gold AA Alkaline Batteries, Pack Of 24 / 158448
      • [delivered] Rubbermaid(R) Roller Sponge Mop / 921841
      • [delivered] Rubbermaid(R) Roller Sponge Mop Replacement / 921858
      • [delivered] Rubbermaid(R) Sanitizing Caddy, 10 Quarts, Yellow / 674125
      • [delivered] Glad(R) Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, 13 Gallon, White, Box Of 28 / 269268
    • Global Industrial Equipment
      • [delivered] Extended Surface Pleated Cartridge Filter Serva-Cell Mp4 Slmp295 12X24X2 Gl    WBB431699
    • Global Industrial Equipment
      • [delivered] Nexel Poly-Z-Brite Wire Shelving 30"W x 21"D x 63"H Nexel Poly-Z-Brite™ Wire Shelving Starter Unit WB189209
      • [delivered] Stem Casters Set of (4) 5" Polyurethane Wheel, 2 With Brakes 1200 lb. Capacity WB500592    
    • Rack Solutions
      • [delivered] Open Frame Server Racks
        1 x 20" Depth Kit (Ideal for Audio/Video or Networking Racks) P/N: 111-1779
        1 x 36U, Rack-111 Post Kit P/N: 111-1728
        1 x Caster Kit for Open Frame RACK-111 P/N: 111-1731
      • [delivered] 36U Side Panel Kit $199.99 P/N: 102-1775
    • Rack shelf
      • [delivered] 1 RMS 19 X 15 SINGLE SIDED NON-VENTED SHELF 70121637
    • Work bench, Stools
      • [not yet] 72"L X 30"W Production Bench - Phenolic Resin Square Edge-Blue Form attached WB237381LBL    
      • [not yet] 72"W Lower Shelf For Bench - 15"D- Blue Form attached WB606951    
      • [not yet] ESD-Safe Vinyl Clean Room Stool with Nylon Base with Drag Chain Blue Form attached WBB560852    
    • P Touch
      • [delivered] Brother PT-2030 Desktop Office Labeler Punch-out product 672828    
      • [delivered] Brother(R) TZe-241 Black-On-White Tape, 0.75 x 26.2 Punch-out product 239384    
      • [delivered] Brother(R) TZe-231 Black-On-White Tape, 0.5 x 26.2 Punch-out product 239400    
    • UV light guide
      • [delivered] Fiber Optic Single Light Guide 5mm OD X 3mm ID X 1M L Note: This light guide can be used with MKIII UV Cure unit. OLB1081
    • Gloves (7.5, 8.0)
      • [delivered] GLOVE ACCTCH NR-LTX SZ7.5 PK25 Punch-out product 79999-306
      • [delivered] GLOVE ACCTCH NR-LTX SZ8 PK25 Punch-out product 79999-308
    • Lab coat (L,XL), Sticky Mat, Shoe Covers (L, XL), Cap, Mask
      • [delivered] LAB XP WH EL WR.COLL. NP L30EA Punch-out product 82007-618
      • [delivered] LAB XPWH EL WR.COLL. NP XL30EA Punch-out product 82007-620    
      • [delivered] VWR MAT ADHESIVE 30L 18X36 BLU Punch-out product 21924-110 (This was too small)
      • [delivered] VWR SHOECVR NSKID AP 2XL 150PR Punch-out product 414004-651    
      • [delivered] VWR SHOECVR NSKID AP XL 150PR Punch-out product 414004-650    
      • [delivered] CAP BOUFFANT 24IN RAYON CS500 Punch-out product 10843-053    
      • [delivered] MASK VLTC TIES N/STRL PK50 Punch-out product 10869-020
    • VWR
      • [delivered] FACE SHIELD UVC-803 Supplier: UVP 33007-151
    • [Delivered] Laser safety glasses
  • Work in progress

  • Work to be done
    • Replacing a file cabinet next to the south wall by a lockable cabinet
    • Laser sign
    • Safety glass holder/rack/shelf
    • Prepare clean supplies ~ glove 8.5,9,9.5
    • Ion gun safety issues: https://dcc.ligo.org/cgi-bin/private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=88631
  • Design
    • Optical layout - Laser SOP
    • Additional HEPA stage
  • Test
    • Confirm particle level
  • Note: Optical Table W96" x D48" x H27"


  • Laser SOP
  • HV use?
  • UV?


  • Ongoing Work 
    • Cone-shaped wire clamp design (at the OMC end) - Jeff
  • Design
    • Wire preparation fixture - Jeff
    • How do we hold the PDs, QPDs, and black glass - we put 2 PDs and 2 QPDs on the PD mounting blacket. - Jeff
    • Integrated solidwork model - Derek
      • Q: How the wires are clamped at the top side?
      • Q: How much the length of the wire should be?
      • Q: Locations of the wire mounts on the plate
    • Cabling investigation:
      • Where do the cables from the feed-thrus anchored?
      • List of the current internal cables and their lengths
      • List of the required internal cables and their lengths
      • Can we route the intermediate stage of the suspension? Do we need new cables?
    • Dummy intermediate stage structure
    • Metal templates
      • First, decide an optical design
      • takes at least a month
    • Weights how heavy / how many
    • Earthquake stop design (Sam B)
  • Test
    • Cone-shaped wire clamp test - Jeff/Koji 
    • Balancing the plates
      • The Faraday isolator cage isn't clean
    • Dummy metal payload test at the sites???
  • Procedures to be decided
    • PZT alignment
    • Prototyping with metal parts?
    • UV glue? (heat) / gluing test
    • Balance


  • Things ordered
    • Newport LB servo
    • Halogen Lamp
    • N2 cylinder/lines/filter
  • Ongoing Work 
    • Mirrors to be delivered ~Aug
    • Design down select - Between "Single output & BS" vs "Two outputs & no BS"
    • Down selecting procedure:
      1. Assume ELIGO beam component
      2. Assume amount of 9MHz / 45MHz sidebands at the OMC input
      3. Calculate transmitted power
      4. Require HOM to be smaller than the TEM00 offset 
    • UV cured epoxy (Quate obtained)
  • Design
    • Mode design for HAM6 layout
    • Finalization of scattering paths
  • Tests
    • Measurement of PD angles
    • R&T of each mirror
    • Curvature of the curved mirrors
    • Cavity ref/trans/finesse
    • PD Q.E. & Reflectivity measurement vs incident angle
  • Things to be decided / confirmed
    • How to handle optics / assemblies (Talk to the prev people)
    • First contact? (Margot: applicable to a short Rc of ~2.5m)
    • Gluing templates to be designed (how to handle it?)
  • PDs
  • Misc
    • CCD beam analyzer (Zach: It is fixed.)
    • Are two PZTs used?
      • YES, for redundancy, range, upconversion tests.
  • Things to buy
  • Need to buy a fiber for mode cleaning?
  • Mode content of the ELIGO dark beam?
  • Jitter noise?
  • How to determine the design?
  • Why Fused Silica? (How much is the temp fluctuation in the chamber?)
  • How to align the cavity mirrors, input mirrors, QPDs, PDs, beam dumps.
  • PZTs @LLO


  • Thorough scrutinization of cabling / wiring / electronics
    • ELIGO OMC Wiring diagram D070536-A2
      • Occupies 2 DB25s -> They were anchored on the sus cage
      • Preamps for DCPDs will be fixed on the ISI table
        -> DB25 for the DCPDs will be anchored on the table
      • Use longer thin cables for the DCPDs in order to route them through the suspension stages
      • Turn the heater cable to the one for the other PZT
  • Electronics / CDS electronics / software
  • Things to be tested
    • QPD/PD pre-selections (QE/noise)
    • PD preamp design (Rich)
    • Functionality test of QPD/PD/PZT

Shipping, storage etc

    - Lab renovation

    - Mechanics design
    - Mirror delivery

    - Basic optics test
    - Glue training
    - Cavity test

    - Suspending test
    - Shipping to LLO

Open questions
    Two optical designs
    Clamp design / stencil design
    gluing-installation procedure

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