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Entry  Wed Nov 3 02:52:49 2021, Koji, General, Suspension, Mariner Sus Design 
    Reply  Thu Nov 4 00:42:05 2021, Koji, General, Suspension, Mariner Sus Design Screen_Shot_2021-11-04_at_12.38.46_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2021-11-04_at_12.39.53_AM.png
Message ID: 46     Entry time: Thu Nov 4 00:42:05 2021     In reply to: 45
Author: Koji 
Type: General 
Category: Suspension 
Subject: Mariner Sus Design 

Some more progress:

- Shaved the height of the top clamp blocks. We can extend the suspension height a bit more, but this has not been done.

- The IM OSEM arrangement was fixed.

- Some EQ stops were implemented. Not complete yet.

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