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Entry  Wed Sep 15 09:15:21 2021, Jiri Smetana, General, General, Actuation Feedback Model and Noise displacement_asd.pngservo.pngsystem_loop.mground_freq.txtground_xx.txt
    Reply  Thu Sep 16 10:02:47 2021, Jiri Smetana, General, General, Actuation Feedback Model and Noise DAC_voltage.png
       Reply  Fri Sep 24 11:02:41 2021, Koji, General, General, Actuation Feedback Model and Noise ground.m
Message ID: 26     Entry time: Wed Sep 15 09:15:21 2021     Reply to this: 27
Author: Jiri Smetana 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Actuation Feedback Model and Noise 

I've implemented a more extensive feedback model that uses proper conversions between metres, volts, counts etc. and includes all the (inverse) (de)whitening filters, driver, servo and noise injections in the correct places. I then closed the loop to obtain the transfer function from horizontal ground motion and each noise source to test mass displacement. I tuned the servo gain to reduce the Q of both resonances to ~20.

Our idea was then to compensate servo gain with the output resistance of the coil driver to raise the RMS of the DAC output signal in order to raise SNR and thus suppress DAC noise coupling. I found that raising the output resistor by a factor of 10 above the nominal suggestion 2.4 kOhm gave me a DAC output RMS of 0.3 V, so in line with our safety factor of 10 requirements. This also coincidentally made all the noise sources intersect at approximately the same frequency when these noises begin to dominate over the seismic noise. All these initial tests are subject to change, particularly depending on the design of the servo transfer function. I'm attaching the relevant plots as well as the MATLAB script I used and the two files required for the script to run.

Attachment 1: displacement_asd.png  22 kB  Uploaded Wed Sep 15 10:45:09 2021  | Show | Show all
Attachment 2: servo.png  18 kB  Uploaded Wed Sep 15 10:45:17 2021  | Show | Show all
Attachment 3: system_loop.m  4 kB  Uploaded Wed Sep 15 10:45:23 2021  | Show | Show all
Attachment 4: ground_freq.txt  1 kB  Uploaded Wed Sep 15 10:45:31 2021  | Show | Show all
Attachment 5: ground_xx.txt  1 kB  Uploaded Wed Sep 15 10:45:36 2021  | Show | Show all
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