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Message ID: 12     Entry time: Tue Apr 27 12:28:43 2021
Author: Nina Vaidya & Shruti Maliakal 
Type: General 
Category: Design specs 
Subject: Arm Cavity Design 2021 

Rana’s code: R_c = 57.3

-->New code with optimization: sweeping through a range of R_c, using a cost function that puts value on peak height, distance of the peaks from the zero order, and mode number. This cost function can be edited further to adapt to more aims (Slides attached).  Currently (code attached) gives --> R_c = 58.4 with very slightly different peaks and  energy distribution in the modes

1) Range of R_c is 57 to 60, for some reason lower values of R_c in the range are giving error --> debug this 

2) Find how sensitive the model is for 1% change in R_c value

3) Make sure the side bands are not resonating

Attachment 1: Arm_Cavity_Design_04232021.pptx  8.964 MB  Uploaded Tue Apr 27 14:06:31 2021
Attachment 2: Arm_HOM_optimization.ipynb  558 kB  Uploaded Tue Apr 27 14:08:48 2021  | Show | Hide all | Show all
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