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  57   Fri Jul 12 19:43:32 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralTE noise problem - Matlab script


  58   Sun Jul 14 15:13:46 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralTE noise problem - Matlab script


  60   Mon Jul 15 16:05:29 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralTE noise problem - Matlab script


  69   Wed Jul 24 21:08:24 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralTR results for different dimensionsIn this post I simulate the procedure of
calculating the TR noise for finite cavities
as proposed by Heinert and check for a
  70   Thu Jul 25 11:36:17 2013 ranaOpticsGeneralTR results for different dimensions 
  71   Thu Jul 25 13:21:46 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralTR results for different dimensions


  72   Thu Jul 25 15:54:58 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralTR results for different dimensions


  129   Sun Aug 26 16:42:54 2018 ranaMechanicsAnalysisTest Mass Thermal Noise: Consistency ChecksFor the Voyager test masses, we have been
considering a barrel coating to increase
the IR emissivity to increase the radiative
  23   Wed Jun 19 14:59:13 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralThe Relative Residual Convergence Error We have been encountering an error
in COMSOL for a while of the form "Failed
to find a solution.; The relative residual
  24   Thu Jun 20 10:26:38 2013 Matt A.GeneralGeneralThe Relative Residual Convergence ErrorEmory:
I don't understand how you're getting
the strain energy from the eigenvalue solver.
  26   Thu Jun 20 12:51:44 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralThe Relative Residual Convergence ErrorI used the same integrator that we had
setup for use with the stationary solver.
 I had expected it to either fail or
  25   Thu Jun 20 12:41:01 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralThe expression for the "work dissipated" in the TE and TR noise calculationsWhile discussing TE noise with Yanbei Chen,
it was realized that the expression for the
work dissipated W_diss was derivable from
  31   Mon Jun 24 18:00:26 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralThe problem of TE Noise calculation for a beam passing through a cylindrical substrateIn this post, I mention of my immediate
plan for the week and also describe the problem
I am looking at in brief.
  86   Tue Jun 24 14:35:42 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralTrying to Verify the Heinert Model   06_23_14.pdf 
  87   Tue Jun 24 17:05:24 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralTrying to Verify the Heinert Model It does appear that the simplified
model is only relevant for the simulations.
 To quote Heinert: "An efficient
  59   Mon Jul 15 13:14:30 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralUmax curves for varying height test masses I ran sweeps over the ratioR range
from 0.5 to 0.9 for test masses with modified
height, and thus mass, which were otherwise
  95   Mon Jul 14 19:09:14 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralUsing Heinert's Solution for Duan's Parameters I have plotted Heinert's analytical
solution for TR noise using Duan's parameters.
 Since TO and TE noise can be found
  44   Tue Jul 2 13:32:30 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralUsing Matlab to run our COMSOL simulations We want to be able to test a number
of values for the ratio of the radii of the frustum
which will be much easier once we can get
  45   Wed Jul 3 00:04:46 2013 KojiOpticsGeneralUsing Matlab to run our COMSOL simulationsPlease use zipped files instead of uploading
extremely long text files on the elog. 
Or use wiki or svn instead of elog
  34   Wed Jun 26 13:52:06 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralVerifying Relative Error in Defocus for Regular and Manual-Loop SimulationsTo verify the validity of the solutions
produced by the manual simulation, I've calculated
the relative error between the results from
  109   Sun May 7 18:22:35 2017 ranaGeneralVoyagerVoyager ITM: Radiative cooling with cold shield and cold CPI took
Aidan's COMSOL model for the ITM from
  130   Sun Aug 26 19:21:27 2018 ranaGeneralVoyagerVoyager ITM: Radiative cooling with cold shield and cold CPthis is a time dependent model of the previous
steady-state one

Cold Shield and CP held
  79   Fri Nov 22 21:04:53 2013 Chris CousteOpticsAnalysisanalysis The analysis is making nice eigenmode
and stress mode models, but the displacement
experiment needs work. Should be fixed by
  131   Thu Feb 14 12:38:51 2019 Ching PinMechanics comsol modellingSo I did a simple comsol model of laser
heating of a silicon disk, with only radiation,
to see the temperature variation at steady
  132   Fri Feb 15 21:05:31 2019 Ching PinMechanics comsol modelling 

So I got the time dependence to
work, but I'm not sure what went wrong
  133   Tue Feb 19 19:52:53 2019 Ching PinMechanics comsol modellingThe time step response to heating via laser
(22.5 mW) is given in the attached picture,
for 2 starting temperatures, 122.5 K and
  134   Fri Mar 1 19:33:40 2019 Ching PinMechanics comsol modellingI've changed the heating to be from
two heat sources, to better model the situation
with a heater and a laser. The heater deposits
  135   Mon Mar 4 17:22:07 2019 Ching PinMechanics comsol modellingI've updated the material properties
to vary with temperature, mainly in the range
of 90-140 K. Using the parametric sweep function
  136   Wed Mar 6 09:51:18 2019 Ching PinMechanics comsol modellingSo I tried adding the sapphire lens to
the comsol model, and I am having teething
issues. I can't seem to get the solver
  137   Thu Mar 7 10:10:37 2019 Ching PinMechanics comsol modellingThere are no issues with the thermal side
of the modeling, the issue seems to be with
the structural mechanics side. I'm not
  127   Sat Mar 17 15:27:48 2018 ranaGeneralGeneralfile size >> smallWhen saving your COMSOL files do these
two things to make the files much smaller
(good for saving in version control and sharing):
  128   Mon Aug 20 15:44:56 2018 ranaGeneralGeneralfile size >> smallAlso,

click 'Clear Mesh'
under the mesh menu
  124   Thu Jan 18 21:13:59 2018 aaronOpticsPonderSqueezemodifications to Gautam's 40m finesse modelI made a copy of Gautam's 40m model
to add the unstable filter cavity for
the ponderomotive squeezing project. I wanted
  100   Sat Sep 5 15:04:43 2015 Dennis CoyneMechanicsConfigurationsummary of FEA modal model to State Space model At the 2014 commissioning  FEM2SS_summary.docx 
  4   Thu May 2 14:00:36 2013 KojiGeneralConfigurationtest mass TR with Levin's approachThermo-refractive noise in a finite
cylindrical/infinite test mass with Levin's
  125   Mon Jan 22 21:13:25 2018 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezetips from ShoaibI talked with Shoaib about some changes
I could make to the FEA model to improve
convergence and reduce memory usage. Summary:
  126   Mon Jan 29 23:02:13 2018 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezetips from ShoaibI started implemented some of these changes:

Started the mesh with a
boundary free quad mesh on the interface
  114   Mon Jul 31 22:18:57 2017 ranaGeneralGeneralusing more than 12 cores in matlabSince
2014, the limit of 12 workers using the matlab
parallel computing toolbox has been lifted.
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