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  38   Thu Jun 27 15:06:13 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralPID Function in Manual Simulation I have inserted a rudimentary PID
function into the manual simulation code
as a way to test whether or not the PID function
  37   Thu Jun 27 11:26:18 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralMissing factor of 4 and a comparison of analytic and simulated Brownian noise    
  36   Wed Jun 26 16:46:32 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralA convergent stationary solution By adding additional constraints
as described in the previous eLog to the
model I was able to get a convergent solution
  35   Wed Jun 26 15:23:55 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralSolving Time per Loop in Manual Dynamic SimulationI've attempted to determine the solving
time per loop as a function of the simulation
time, in an attempt to identify any trends
  34   Wed Jun 26 13:52:06 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralVerifying Relative Error in Defocus for Regular and Manual-Loop SimulationsTo verify the validity of the solutions
produced by the manual simulation, I've calculated
the relative error between the results from
  33   Tue Jun 25 15:18:41 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralA new boundary condition to attempt to avoid the relative residual error I contacted COMSOL support about
our difficulties with the relative residual
error and was told "Typically for solid
  32   Tue Jun 25 15:16:59 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralSetting Up Looped Simulation for PID ControllerAfter setting up a COMSOL model that includes
the heat flux from the laser and the ring
heater, I've made the model solve over time
  31   Mon Jun 24 18:00:26 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralThe problem of TE Noise calculation for a beam passing through a cylindrical substrateIn this post, I mention of my immediate
plan for the week and also describe the problem
I am looking at in brief.
  30   Mon Jun 24 16:02:43 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralRebuilding a minimal version of our COMSOL model I rebuilt our COMSOL model in order
to see if I could find any errors in it and
to clean out unnessesary features and parameters.
  29   Sun Jun 23 14:29:04 2013 KojiOpticsGeneralDifferences on using a coarser mesh in calculating TR noiseWhat about the dependence on the size of
the time slice?
It is unclear what the unit fo the
  28   Sun Jun 23 14:00:05 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralManipulating the Relative Tolerance  We have been seeing an error when
attempting to use a stationary solver in
conjunction with a set of boundary conditions
  27   Thu Jun 20 16:29:38 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralDifferences on using a coarser mesh in calculating TR noiseIn the code for evaluating TR noise, the
parameter for automatic meshing (which can
take values from 1 to 9 -  1 being the
  26   Thu Jun 20 12:51:44 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralThe Relative Residual Convergence ErrorI used the same integrator that we had
setup for use with the stationary solver.
 I had expected it to either fail or
  25   Thu Jun 20 12:41:01 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralThe expression for the "work dissipated" in the TE and TR noise calculationsWhile discussing TE noise with Yanbei Chen,
it was realized that the expression for the
work dissipated W_diss was derivable from
  24   Thu Jun 20 10:26:38 2013 Matt A.GeneralGeneralThe Relative Residual Convergence ErrorEmory:
I don't understand how you're getting
the strain energy from the eigenvalue solver.
  23   Wed Jun 19 14:59:13 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralThe Relative Residual Convergence Error We have been encountering an error
in COMSOL for a while of the form "Failed
to find a solution.; The relative residual
  22   Tue Jun 18 15:26:50 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralAttempting to Implement Liu and Thorne's Boundary ConditionsLiu and Thorne demonstrated in their paper
that the optimal set of boundary conditions
for a problem like the one I am working on
  21   Mon Jun 17 14:59:20 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralImproved Meshing in a COMSOL ModelIn order to make computations more efficient
and possibly allow the set of boundary conditions
based on Liu and Thorne's suggestion of a
  20   Mon Jun 17 11:06:17 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralPlans for the week of 6-17-13 through 6-22-13This week I will update my previous eLog
entry with a nicely labeled plot showing
both lines on the same plot, then I intend
  19   Wed Jun 12 13:52:44 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralDifference in COMSOL and Analytic solution for TR noiseIn this post, I am reporting of the relative
difference between the analytic and COMSOL
  18   Tue Jun 11 17:04:33 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralAnalyzing the file 'thermo_refractive_COMSOL_1D_axisymmetric' by Koji AraiThe file 'thermo_refractive_COMSOL_1D_axisymmetric.m'
found in the SVN repository https://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:30889/svn/trunk/comsol/thermo-refractive/
  17   Tue Jun 11 10:21:05 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralRe: Disscussion of the code of a 'comsol with matlab' model file


  16   Mon Jun 10 18:37:09 2013 Matt A.GeneralGeneralResponse to question in: Disscussion of the code of a 'comsol with matlab' model file (partially complete). 
trange = ['range(0,' num2str(dt)
',' num2str(t_end) ')'];
  15   Fri Jun 7 17:41:41 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralDisscussion of the code of a 'comsol with matlab' model fileIn this post
the matlab code to build a model using COMSOL
with matlab is analyzed from Koji Arai's
  14   Thu Jun 6 17:00:11 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralComparison of ITM and FTM geometries (FIG. 3 Liu & Thorne)In section V of their paper on thermoelastic
and homogenous thermal noise, Liu and Thorne
have corrected the result of power spectral
  13   Thu Jun 6 12:40:07 2013 Matt A.OpticsGeneralConventional Thermal noise (Sec V) from Liu & ThorneGood work Deep,
Can you write more on what this is
and why you're doing it? We want our elog
  12   Wed Jun 5 20:54:59 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralBessel Function rootsDuring the process of evaluating the PSD
from Sec. V of Liu and Thorn, I chanced to
write a simpler root finding algorithm applying
  11   Wed Jun 5 20:39:48 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralConventional Thermal noise (Sec V) from Liu & Thorne>The linearized PSD plots are created
for the case of thermal noise in finite test
mass (Sec. V) of Liu and Thorne.
  10   Wed Jun 5 16:59:51 2013 Matt A.OpticsGeneralMatlab code for calculating the zeros of Bessel functions from GWINC For calculating the Liu and Thorn
U_0 + DU, you need to sum over the first
N zeros of the first-order Bessel function.
  9   Wed Jun 5 16:56:53 2013 Matt A.OpticsGeneralDifference in the Levin and Liu & Thorne results for thermal noiseGood Work Deep,
Can you include the equations that
you used to calculated these expressions?
  8   Wed Jun 5 13:49:13 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralDifference in the Levin and Liu & Thorne results for thermal noiseThe analytical expressions for thermal
noise, as calculated by Liu & Thorne
and Levin, was plotted as a function of frequency
  7   Wed Jun 5 13:31:41 2013 Matt AOpticsGeneralAnalytic Calculation of Thermal Noise due to Brownian Motion using Levin and Thorne's MethodsNice Work Emory,
Can you make a plot with both of
the lines on the same plot, with a legend,
  6   Tue Jun 4 17:25:11 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralComparison of First Results from COMSOL Model to the Analytic Solution Motivation: Before we can attempt
to modify the mirror designs to reduce the
thermal noise due to Brownian motion in them,
  5   Mon Jun 3 21:01:46 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralAnalytic Calculation of Thermal Noise due to Brownian Motion using Levin and Thorne's MethodsMotivation:
Reduction of Brownian thermal noise
in future gravitational wave detectors is
  4   Thu May 2 14:00:36 2013 KojiGeneralConfigurationtest mass TR with Levin's approachThermo-refractive noise in a finite
cylindrical/infinite test mass with Levin's
  3   Tue Apr 2 19:24:07 2013 Emory BrownOptics First steps producing a Finite Element Model to find the internal Brownian noise of a LIGO test mass 
  2   Tue Feb 5 13:15:13 2013 DmassGeneralGeneralCOMSOL: who's using up all the licenses?


  1   Thu Dec 13 18:47:18 2012 ranaGeneralGeneralCOMSOL: who's using up all the licenses? When you want to find out who's
using up all the licenses, you can run lmstat
-a do find out.
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