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  101   Sat Sep 5 15:17:41 2015 ranaGeneralConfigurationFEA logs mergedI moved the only entry from the 'ENG_FEA'
log into the COMSOL log and then renamed
that logbook as 'FEA' since we don't
  119   Mon Dec 4 17:42:53 2017 gautamMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusWe could run the simulations on the 32
core machine in the 40m lab (optimus)? I
think Mariia was running some of her studies
  120   Mon Dec 4 19:49:32 2017 gautamMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusIt's a good idea, I'll check out
her elogs and get it started tonight.

I found that I had the relative
  121   Tue Dec 5 10:50:54 2017 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusI had some trouble running this on optimus.

Optimus has COMSOL 5.1 installed,
but I made these files in 5.3. I downloaded
  122   Tue Dec 5 19:50:47 2017 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusGautam advised me against trying to install
version 5.3, lest it break version 5.1--I
had already gone through the install, but
  123   Tue Dec 12 11:50:12 2017 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusSimulation results


Gautam ran the
COMSOL model on sandbox1 since we were trying
  138   Tue May 12 14:16:28 2020 KojiGeneralGeneralFEA tutorial resourcescf. Forwarded email from Stephen

1) Tuesday Demo - Basics of FEA
Meshing G2000696
  97   Thu Jul 31 20:55:38 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralFinding the Right Meshing for the TIR cavity In this document, I try to identify
I good mesh by comparing the numerical solution
from that mesh with my analytical model.
  98   Sat Aug 2 00:22:34 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralFinding the Right Meshing for the TIR cavity


  3   Tue Apr 2 19:24:07 2013 Emory BrownOptics First steps producing a Finite Element Model to find the internal Brownian noise of a LIGO test mass 
  74   Wed Jul 31 15:39:11 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralFirst try with paramter optimization for TE and TR noise profilesAfter the simulations have been found to
match to a fair extent with the analytic
results by Heinert and Liu and Thorne, the
  83   Sun Jun 22 23:44:56 2014 Sam MooreOptics Going through Heinert's 'TR noise of cylindrical test masses' paperAt this point, my are goals are to 1) convert
the time-dependent heat equation into stationary,
complex form, 2) use the Levin approach to
  84   Mon Jun 23 11:40:17 2014 Sam MooreOptics Going through Heinert's 'TR noise of cylindrical test masses' paper


  85   Mon Jun 23 16:10:17 2014 Matt A.Optics Going through Heinert's 'TR noise of cylindrical test masses' paper


  99   Tue Sep 30 11:30:27 2014 Nic, Dmass, EvanGeneralConfigurationGravity in ComsolHere
is a set of slides by Yoichi Aso on how to
handle gravity in Comsol.
  91   Sat Jul 5 13:04:32 2014 Sam MooreOptics Heinert Model TR Noise VerificationAgreement with Heinert's paper for cylindrical
TR noise has now been achieved.  Using
the stationary state assumption to calculate
  92   Mon Jul 7 19:47:00 2014 KojiOptics Heinert Model TR Noise VerificationHow close are these FEA calculations with
the analytical values? 
Can you plot residual too? (Put analytical
  94   Fri Jul 11 10:58:18 2014 not KojiOptics Heinert Model TR Noise Verification


  53   Wed Jul 10 17:52:18 2013 KojiGeneralGeneralHow to force time steps for a time dependent simulationA common trap in COMSOL:
When you run a time series simulation,
COMSOL tries to be "clever" by
  21   Mon Jun 17 14:59:20 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralImproved Meshing in a COMSOL ModelIn order to make computations more efficient
and possibly allow the set of boundary conditions
based on Liu and Thorne's suggestion of a
  82   Thu Apr 17 16:52:09 2014 EvanGeneralCharacterizationInterpreting logfiles and picking a solverHere are two entries by Walter Frei on
the Comsol blog that I've found useful.
  40   Fri Jun 28 11:54:10 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralMaintaining a constant volume while modifying the radii of the test mass faces When changing the dimensions of the
mirror, we want to keep a constant volume.
 To do so, we must modify the height of the
  28   Sun Jun 23 14:00:05 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralManipulating the Relative Tolerance  We have been seeing an error when
attempting to use a stationary solver in
conjunction with a set of boundary conditions
  10   Wed Jun 5 16:59:51 2013 Matt A.OpticsGeneralMatlab code for calculating the zeros of Bessel functions from GWINC For calculating the Liu and Thorn
U_0 + DU, you need to sum over the first
N zeros of the first-order Bessel function.
  48   Mon Jul 8 15:47:23 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralMeshing error when varying geometry I attempted to run the Matlab code
built last week, but received an error that
the mesh failed to generate on the inner
  49   Mon Jul 8 18:39:31 2013 Matt A.OpticsGeneralMeshing error when varying geometry


  50   Mon Jul 8 19:04:35 2013 Matt A.OpticsGeneralMeshing error when varying geometry


  51   Tue Jul 9 14:45:04 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralMeshing error when varying geometryI tried removing the constraints and applied
force and was able to get close to the same
frequencies for the butterfly modes as the
  37   Thu Jun 27 11:26:18 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralMissing factor of 4 and a comparison of analytic and simulated Brownian noise    
  115   Thu Nov 2 17:23:56 2017 AaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeModelling suspension noiseaLIGO Suspensions Toy Model

Wednesday I started making my own model
of the aLIGO suspensions, with the top of
  116   Fri Nov 3 15:03:10 2017 AaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeModelling suspension noiseModel Geometry


I found the dimension
of the test mass flat in the drawings of
  117   Wed Nov 15 14:05:12 2017 AaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeModelling suspension noiseModel Geometry

pared down the number of parameters in the
model to only the necessary ones. These are
  80   Fri Jan 24 17:26:38 2014 Chris CoustéOpticsAnalysisMount Analysis Functional! The comsol eigenmode analysis is
complete, and the only thing left to do on
this part of the project is to run the analysis
  77   Wed Nov 13 23:55:44 2013 Chris CousteOpticsAnalysisOptical Mount Vibrational AnalysisProject: Vibrational Analysis of Optical
Goal: Use COMSOL to run finite element
  81   Sun Feb 16 21:10:56 2014 Chris CoustéOpticsAnalysisOptical Mount data compilation 1: Aluminum The time is finally here! this is
the highest displacement of each mount in
its lowest few eigenfrequencies, using 6061
  38   Thu Jun 27 15:06:13 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralPID Function in Manual Simulation I have inserted a rudimentary PID
function into the manual simulation code
as a way to test whether or not the PID function
  43   Mon Jul 1 17:31:40 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralParameter Study on Sampling Time for P-active Loop The following is a plot of the defocus
as a function of time for a fixed proportionality
gain of 150, and different listed sampling
  20   Mon Jun 17 11:06:17 2013 Emory BrownGeneralGeneralPlans for the week of 6-17-13 through 6-22-13This week I will update my previous eLog
entry with a nicely labeled plot showing
both lines on the same plot, then I intend
  17   Tue Jun 11 10:21:05 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralRe: Disscussion of the code of a 'comsol with matlab' model file


  30   Mon Jun 24 16:02:43 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralRebuilding a minimal version of our COMSOL model I rebuilt our COMSOL model in order
to see if I could find any errors in it and
to clean out unnessesary features and parameters.
  78   Mon Nov 18 15:56:59 2013 Chris CousteOpticsAnalysisRepresentative ModelsThe simpler models of the optical mounts
are finished, they will be run through the
comsol analysis software soon.
  16   Mon Jun 10 18:37:09 2013 Matt A.GeneralGeneralResponse to question in: Disscussion of the code of a 'comsol with matlab' model file (partially complete). 
trange = ['range(0,' num2str(dt)
',' num2str(t_end) ')'];
  56   Fri Jul 12 00:31:11 2013 Emory BrownOpticsGeneralReversed face mirror design We had noticed that when we ran an
eigenfrequency analysis, there was often
a node (see attached screenshot) on the face
  110   Mon Jul 24 15:35:34 2017 MariiaGeneralConfigurationRunning Comsol to Matlab WIth Gautam's help, I have created
a user directory in 40 meter Lab and
copied Rana's documents (MATLAB
  111   Mon Jul 24 15:54:26 2017 KojiGeneralConfigurationRunning Comsol to Matlab The number of licenses already used by
whom / still remains can be confirmed by
running the following command on a comsol-installed
  112   Wed Jul 26 20:14:46 2017 ranaGeneralConfigurationRunning Comsol to Matlab I've just tried this out on my desktop
machine using COMSOL 5.1 and its still working.
Which COMSOL is installed on optimus at the
  32   Tue Jun 25 15:16:59 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralSetting Up Looped Simulation for PID ControllerAfter setting up a COMSOL model that includes
the heat flux from the laser and the ring
heater, I've made the model solve over time
  35   Wed Jun 26 15:23:55 2013 Arnaldo RodriguezOpticsGeneralSolving Time per Loop in Manual Dynamic SimulationI've attempted to determine the solving
time per loop as a function of the simulation
time, in an attempt to identify any trends
  75   Thu Aug 8 17:17:19 2013 Deep ChatterjeeOpticsGeneralSomething like cancellationFor the material parameters of Sapphire
at 300K, the TE and TR Noise profiles, though
not very close, lie close to within an order
  54   Thu Jul 11 19:16:12 2013 Deep ChatterjeeGeneralGeneralTE noise problem - Matlab scriptThe present aim is the calculation of the
TE noise like Liu and Thorne. Although, the
results of Liu and Thorne are for the case
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