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  85   Mon Jun 23 16:10:17 2014 Matt A.Optics Going through Heinert's 'TR noise of cylindrical test masses' paper


  99   Tue Sep 30 11:30:27 2014 Nic, Dmass, EvanGeneralConfigurationGravity in ComsolHere
is a set of slides by Yoichi Aso on how to
handle gravity in Comsol.
  106   Tue Jun 28 16:54:23 2016 Nikhil MathurMechanicsAnalysisAnsys 14.5 Indroductory Tutorial: Modal Frequency ConvergenceThis tutorial will go through how to show
frequency convergence for a cylindrical cantilever
using Ansys 14.5 and Mathematica.
  83   Sun Jun 22 23:44:56 2014 Sam MooreOptics Going through Heinert's 'TR noise of cylindrical test masses' paperAt this point, my are goals are to 1) convert
the time-dependent heat equation into stationary,
complex form, 2) use the Levin approach to
  84   Mon Jun 23 11:40:17 2014 Sam MooreOptics Going through Heinert's 'TR noise of cylindrical test masses' paper


  86   Tue Jun 24 14:35:42 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralTrying to Verify the Heinert Model   06_23_14.pdf 
  87   Tue Jun 24 17:05:24 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralTrying to Verify the Heinert Model It does appear that the simplified
model is only relevant for the simulations.
 To quote Heinert: "An efficient
  88   Sat Jun 28 21:59:11 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralDifficulty with the COMSOL stationary module; Test Cases Here, I describe some test cases
to see if COMSOL's solutions are agreeing
with some simple analytical solutions.  Right
  89   Sun Jun 29 15:37:18 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralDifficulty with the COMSOL stationary module; Test Cases


  91   Sat Jul 5 13:04:32 2014 Sam MooreOptics Heinert Model TR Noise VerificationAgreement with Heinert's paper for cylindrical
TR noise has now been achieved.  Using
the stationary state assumption to calculate
  93   Thu Jul 10 16:51:14 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralDuan and Heinert Comparison(See Plots in attached document)
My plan has been to replicate Duan's
  95   Mon Jul 14 19:09:14 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralUsing Heinert's Solution for Duan's Parameters I have plotted Heinert's analytical
solution for TR noise using Duan's parameters.
 Since TO and TE noise can be found
  96   Mon Jul 14 19:14:31 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralDuan and Heinert Comparison


  97   Thu Jul 31 20:55:38 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralFinding the Right Meshing for the TIR cavity In this document, I try to identify
I good mesh by comparing the numerical solution
from that mesh with my analytical model.
  98   Sat Aug 2 00:22:34 2014 Sam MooreOpticsGeneralFinding the Right Meshing for the TIR cavity


  118   Mon Dec 4 16:27:13 2017 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueeze Meshing Surface Layers

New Selections

I don't know
why I wasn't seeing this problem with
  121   Tue Dec 5 10:50:54 2017 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusI had some trouble running this on optimus.

Optimus has COMSOL 5.1 installed,
but I made these files in 5.3. I downloaded
  122   Tue Dec 5 19:50:47 2017 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusGautam advised me against trying to install
version 5.3, lest it break version 5.1--I
had already gone through the install, but
  123   Tue Dec 12 11:50:12 2017 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusSimulation results


Gautam ran the
COMSOL model on sandbox1 since we were trying
  124   Thu Jan 18 21:13:59 2018 aaronOpticsPonderSqueezemodifications to Gautam's 40m finesse modelI made a copy of Gautam's 40m model
to add the unstable filter cavity for
the ponderomotive squeezing project. I wanted
  125   Mon Jan 22 21:13:25 2018 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezetips from ShoaibI talked with Shoaib about some changes
I could make to the FEA model to improve
convergence and reduce memory usage. Summary:
  126   Mon Jan 29 23:02:13 2018 aaronMechanicsPonderSqueezetips from ShoaibI started implemented some of these changes:

Started the mesh with a
boundary free quad mesh on the interface
  139   Tue Aug 11 11:16:29 2020 aaronGeneralConfigurationCOMSOL with Matlab without displayWhen running comsol with matlab interface
on sandbox1, it is usually most convenient
to ssh with screen forwarding (eg '-CY')
  140   Tue Aug 11 16:35:07 2020 aaronGeneralConfigurationCOMSOL: remote server w/ matlabTo run COMSOL on sandbox1 with no
graphical Interface, here are the
steps that worked for me (Tue Aug 11 16:35:51
  119   Mon Dec 4 17:42:53 2017 gautamMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusWe could run the simulations on the 32
core machine in the 40m lab (optimus)? I
think Mariia was running some of her studies
  120   Mon Dec 4 19:49:32 2017 gautamMechanicsPonderSqueezeFEA on optimusIt's a good idea, I'll check out
her elogs and get it started tonight.

I found that I had the relative
  94   Fri Jul 11 10:58:18 2014 not KojiOptics Heinert Model TR Noise Verification


  1   Thu Dec 13 18:47:18 2012 ranaGeneralGeneralCOMSOL: who's using up all the licenses? When you want to find out who's
using up all the licenses, you can run lmstat
-a do find out.
  70   Thu Jul 25 11:36:17 2013 ranaOpticsGeneralTR results for different dimensions 
  101   Sat Sep 5 15:17:41 2015 ranaGeneralConfigurationFEA logs mergedI moved the only entry from the 'ENG_FEA'
log into the COMSOL log and then renamed
that logbook as 'FEA' since we don't
  102   Fri Dec 4 18:32:02 2015 ranaGeneralConfigurationCOMSOL: remote server w/ matlabThis summarizes how to get the remote comsol
server to run. COMSOL is now on
tegmeni thanks to Larry.
  109   Sun May 7 18:22:35 2017 ranaGeneralVoyagerVoyager ITM: Radiative cooling with cold shield and cold CPI took
Aidan's COMSOL model for the ITM from
  112   Wed Jul 26 20:14:46 2017 ranaGeneralConfigurationRunning Comsol to Matlab I've just tried this out on my desktop
machine using COMSOL 5.1 and its still working.
Which COMSOL is installed on optimus at the
  114   Mon Jul 31 22:18:57 2017 ranaGeneralGeneralusing more than 12 cores in matlabSince
2014, the limit of 12 workers using the matlab
parallel computing toolbox has been lifted.
  127   Sat Mar 17 15:27:48 2018 ranaGeneralGeneralfile size >> smallWhen saving your COMSOL files do these
two things to make the files much smaller
(good for saving in version control and sharing):
  128   Mon Aug 20 15:44:56 2018 ranaGeneralGeneralfile size >> smallAlso,

click 'Clear Mesh'
under the mesh menu
  129   Sun Aug 26 16:42:54 2018 ranaMechanicsAnalysisTest Mass Thermal Noise: Consistency ChecksFor the Voyager test masses, we have been
considering a barrel coating to increase
the IR emissivity to increase the radiative
  130   Sun Aug 26 19:21:27 2018 ranaGeneralVoyagerVoyager ITM: Radiative cooling with cold shield and cold CPthis is a time dependent model of the previous
steady-state one

Cold Shield and CP held
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