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Entry  Sat Jul 5 13:04:32 2014, Sam Moore, Optics, , Heinert Model TR Noise Verification threeD_cylinderTRnoise.pngoneDcylinderTRnoise_copy.png
    Reply  Mon Jul 7 19:47:00 2014, Koji, Optics, , Heinert Model TR Noise Verification 
       Reply  Fri Jul 11 10:58:18 2014, not Koji, Optics, , Heinert Model TR Noise Verification heinert_analyticalTest_residual_threeD.epsheinert_analyticTest_residual_oneD.eps
Message ID: 94     Entry time: Fri Jul 11 10:58:18 2014     In reply to: 92
Author: not Koji 
Type: Optics 
Subject: Heinert Model TR Noise Verification 


How close are these FEA calculations with the analytical values?
Can you plot residual too? (Put analytical values, 1D, abs(1D - analytical), 3D, and abs(3D - analytical) all together.)

 Here are the plots with their fractional residuals: abs(S_COMSOL - S_analytical)/S_analytical

Attachment 1: heinert_analyticalTest_residual_threeD.eps  173 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: heinert_analyticTest_residual_oneD.eps  173 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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