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Entry  Tue Jun 24 14:35:42 2014, Sam Moore, Optics, General, Trying to Verify the Heinert Model 06_23_14.pdf
    Reply  Tue Jun 24 17:05:24 2014, Sam Moore, Optics, General, Trying to Verify the Heinert Model temperature.pngnoiseAmplitude_agreement.png
Message ID: 87     Entry time: Tue Jun 24 17:05:24 2014     In reply to: 86
Author: Sam Moore 
Type: Optics 
Category: General 
Subject: Trying to Verify the Heinert Model 

 It does appear that the simplified model is only relevant for the simulations.  To quote Heinert: "An efficient computation is only possible for the simple model, as the advanced model would require an element of size more than 106 ."  I have run Koji's code that replicates Heinert's figure 3.  I have attached the resulting temperature distribution and noise amplitude curve.  In the noise amplitude curve, the red line is the analytical result, while the dots are from COMSOL.

The next step is to convert this code to an efficient complex time-independent solution.  As stated before, my main concern here is whether COMSOL actually solves the right equation in the stationary case.

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