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Message ID: 77     Entry time: Wed Nov 13 23:55:44 2013
Author: Chris Couste 
Type: Optics 
Category: Analysis 
Subject: Optical Mount Vibrational Analysis 

Project: Vibrational Analysis of Optical Mounts

Goal: Use COMSOL to run finite element analysis on simplified models of different types of optical mounts available to us, in order to find which shape/style/material reacts the least to external sound pollution. Once the few best candidates have been identified, develop test to experimentally determine optimal mount configuration and material.


Part 1: FEM

Process: Simultaneously build models in SolidWorks and design analysis in COMSOL

Solidworks: base/shaft models based on measurements of actual optical mounts, optic holder models matching mass and moment of inertia from downloaded models from their manufacturers. ~Progress: base/shaft done, optic holders almost done.

COMSOL: Design analysis that first does a general eigenfrequency analysis to find general vicinity of modes, then does a full modal frequency analysis. ~Progress: finished, ready for models to be imported.

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