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Message ID: 74     Entry time: Wed Jul 31 15:39:11 2013
Author: Deep Chatterjee 
Type: Optics 
Category: General 
Subject: First try with paramter optimization for TE and TR noise profiles 

After the simulations have been found to match to a fair extent with the analytic results by Heinert and Liu and Thorne, the attempt is check out the parameters for which the TE and TR noise are
close to each other. This was done with the analytic results. The frequency range 10 - 1000 Hz was looked into. In between this range, the quantity that was minimized was the absolite value
of the logarithm of the ratio between the TR and TE noise. The fminsearch function was used to minimize the mentioned quantity. The parameters that were changed were - conductivity, thermo
optic coefficient and coefficient of linear expansion. The reason for choosing these three were -

> TR noise is independent of coefficient of linear expansion

> TE noise is independent of thermo optic coefficient

> The power law dependence on conductivity is different for the TE and TR cases as can be seen from the analytic expressions

once the code returned the optimized parameters, these values were plugged in and the results were plotted.

**Note that the minimization was done for frequencies between 10 to 1000 Hz

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