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Message ID: 56     Entry time: Fri Jul 12 00:31:11 2013
Author: Emory Brown 
Type: Optics 
Category: General 
Subject: Reversed face mirror design 

 We had noticed that when we ran an eigenfrequency analysis, there was often a node (see attached screenshot) on the face opposite the applied force.  This indicated that the noise might be lowered by reversing the face the force was applied to, but it also seems like this would be equivalent to increasing the ratioR value and making the primary face smaller while retaining the mass of the test mass.  It seems worthwhile to see how the Umax values compare for a beam incident on either face of a test mass in the optimal region with Umax=0.71.  For the initial configuration, Umax=1.47228*10^-10 J and changing the side of the mirror the force is applied to we get Umax=1.47148*10^-10 J, which is about the same value.

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