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Message ID: 40     Entry time: Fri Jun 28 11:54:10 2013
Author: Emory Brown 
Type: Optics 
Category: General 
Subject: Maintaining a constant volume while modifying the radii of the test mass faces 

 When changing the dimensions of the mirror, we want to keep a constant volume. To do so, we must modify the height of the test mass. The area of the test mass if R is the radius of the front mirror face and r the radius of the back mirror face is (1/3)*pi*h*(R^2+R*r+r^2)=area, so using the values currently in our model, R=r=0.17 m and h=0.2 m, area=0.0181584055 m^3=pi*0.2*0.17^2 m^3, so to ensure that the volume of the test mass remains constant, h=0.01734/(R^2+R*r+r^2). Note that this does give 0.2 m when R=r=0.17 m.

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