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Message ID: 36     Entry time: Wed Jun 26 16:46:32 2013
Author: Emory Brown 
Type: Optics 
Category: General 
Subject: A convergent stationary solution 

 By adding additional constraints as described in the previous eLog to the model I was able to get a convergent solution using the stationary solver.  I cleared meshes, solutions, and history and uploaded the file in its current form.  Using the stationary solver, we get Umax=1.51646*10^-10 J instead of the 1.52887*10^-10 J obtained using the rigid back constraint.  This is less than a 1% difference, so it is still off from the analytic solution by a factor of ~4.  I will look through the model and analytic calculations again and see if I can find anything which could contribute more than a few percent difference.

Attachment 1: ConvergingModelMinimal-6-26-13.mph  44 kB
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