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Message ID: 20     Entry time: Mon Jun 17 11:06:17 2013
Author: Emory Brown 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: Plans for the week of 6-17-13 through 6-22-13 

This week I will update my previous eLog entry with a nicely labeled plot showing both lines on the same plot, then I intend to implement improved meshing on the mirror in the COMSOL model I have constructed, increasing the number of elements on the mirror's face and the central axis of the mirror such that there are more elements in the regions where the applied force is greatest.  This should result in more accurate and faster to compute simulations, allowing us to increase the number of elements in the mesh and possibly reduce the residual and allow us to use the better gravitationally balanced boundary condition and obtain an answer which converges.  Afterwords, I intend to look at sample code showing how to use Matlab in conjunction with COMSOL since we will need to do so for my project.  If there is time remaining later in the week, I will attempt to replicate some of the results Steve Penn generated in order to verify my model.

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