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Entry  Thu Dec 13 18:47:18 2012, rana, General, General, COMSOL: who's using up all the licenses? 
    Reply  Tue Feb 5 13:15:13 2013, Dmass, General, General, COMSOL: who's using up all the licenses? 
Message ID: 2     Entry time: Tue Feb 5 13:15:13 2013     In reply to: 1
Author: Dmass 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: COMSOL: who's using up all the licenses? 


 When you want to find out who's using up all the licenses, you can run lmstat -a do find out.

Specifically, with Mac COMSOL, I do:

> cd /Applications/COMSOL43a/license
> maci64/lmstat -a -c license.dat


Users of COMSOL:  (Total of 5 licenses issued;  Total of 1 license in use)

  "COMSOL" v4.3, vendor: LMCOMSOL
  floating license

    dmassey c22042.local (v4.3) (ancha/1718 1074), start Thu 12/13 18:26



Whenever I try to open a model (.mph file) which I built in COMSOL and has never been touched by any CAD software, it uses the CADIMPORT license, and we only have 2 of these. I can open a different mph file without the CADIMPORT being used.

I don't yet understand what makes something you build in COMSOL and save in COMSOL try to use the CADIMPORT module.

CADIMPORT licenses currently in use: (2/2)

    ligo m5 m5 (v4.3) (ancha/1718 202), start Wed 1/30 11:39
    mattabe Abernathy-desktop /dev/tty (v4.3) (ancha/1718 1016), start Mon 2/4 19:52

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