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Entry  Fri Dec 4 18:32:02 2015, rana, General, Configuration, COMSOL: remote server w/ matlab BrownianSweep.tgz
    Reply  Tue Aug 11 11:16:29 2020, aaron, General, Configuration, COMSOL with Matlab without display 
    Reply  Tue Aug 11 16:35:07 2020, aaron, General, Configuration, COMSOL: remote server w/ matlab 
Message ID: 140     Entry time: Tue Aug 11 16:35:07 2020     In reply to: 102
Author: aaron 
Type: General 
Category: Configuration 
Subject: COMSOL: remote server w/ matlab 

To run COMSOL on sandbox1 with no graphical Interface, here are the steps that worked for me (Tue Aug 11 16:35:51 2020) from a mac on the Caltech VPN.

1. ssh onto sandbox1 with screen forwarding (-Y). Make sure you have a compatible version of XQuartz or a substitute. -C specifies data compression, which may be useful on slow connections
Aaron’s-laptop $ ssh -CY aaron.markowitz@sandbox1.ligo.caltech.edu
                           password: [enter sandbox1 credentials]
2. Launch Matlab with COMSOL 5.4, specifying no graphical interface, by running
aaron.markowitz comsol54 mphserver matlab -nodesktop -mlnosplash script_name’

3. If there is still a splash screen from the COMSOL server, you will have to specify nosplash by adding the following line to your .bash_profile (in your home directory)

export COMSOL_MATLAB_INIT=’matlab -nosplash’

4. You can run whatever comsol script you need. Make sure that in your script you import the comsol functions by calling the following
import com.comsol.model.*
import com.comsol.model.util.*
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