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Entry  Thu Feb 14 12:38:51 2019, Ching Pin, Mechanics, , comsol modelling Screenshot_from_2019-02-14_12-47-11.pngScreenshot_from_2019-02-14_15-07-40.pngScreenshot_from_2019-02-14_15-41-41.pnggraph.pdf
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                   Reply  Thu Mar 7 10:10:37 2019, Ching Pin, Mechanics, , comsol modelling Screenshot_from_2019-03-07_10-10-47.png
Message ID: 137     Entry time: Thu Mar 7 10:10:37 2019     In reply to: 136
Author: Ching Pin 
Type: Mechanics 
Subject: comsol modelling 

There are no issues with the thermal side of the modeling, the issue seems to be with the structural mechanics side. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong though, but it just isn't converging. In any case, seeing that this is my last day here, I'll just point out that the version without the lens is saved in cvs/cds/caltech/users/cp/current working model.mph, while the model with the lens is saved in the same folder under the file name testing with lens.mph, using optimus. There is also a small file edition of current working model, with a file name that is self evident. I'll leave it to aaron to upload that to git.


In any case, let me just put down some documentation and thoughts on this model: The physical parameters on the model are generally what we do know of silicon at these temperatures, with the exception of emissitivity, which was randomly given a parameter of .5. The model is currently absorbing 22 mW from the heater and .5 mW from the laser, which implies that the heater should be able to have 45 mW incident on the disc, which would in turn suggest that you would want it to at least dissapate 100 mW to account for the lack of direction from radiation. Because comsol's deposit beam power function does not care for emissitivity, it must be modified in tandem with it.

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