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Entry  Thu Feb 14 12:38:51 2019, Ching Pin, Mechanics, , comsol modelling Screenshot_from_2019-02-14_12-47-11.pngScreenshot_from_2019-02-14_15-07-40.pngScreenshot_from_2019-02-14_15-41-41.pnggraph.pdf
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Message ID: 133     Entry time: Tue Feb 19 19:52:53 2019     In reply to: 132     Reply to this: 134
Author: Ching Pin 
Type: Mechanics 
Subject: comsol modelling 

The time step response to heating via laser (22.5 mW) is given in the attached picture, for 2 starting temperatures, 122.5 K and 122.8 K. We see that it takes fairly long to equlibrate, with a time constant of about 500 s, and is consistent across both temps. The y axis is average temperature across the surface of the disc, and the x axis is time. I believe that the heat distribution profile would be very similar with time, simply because of how much faster conduction is compared to radiation

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