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Entry  Thu Feb 14 12:38:51 2019, Ching Pin, Mechanics, , comsol modelling Screenshot_from_2019-02-14_12-47-11.pngScreenshot_from_2019-02-14_15-07-40.pngScreenshot_from_2019-02-14_15-41-41.pnggraph.pdf
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Message ID: 132     Entry time: Fri Feb 15 21:05:31 2019     In reply to: 131     Reply to this: 133
Author: Ching Pin 
Type: Mechanics 
Subject: comsol modelling 


So I got the time dependence to work, but I'm not sure what went wrong in the first time anyways. I'll trying to get a sense of how long it takes for the temerature to semi-equlibrate, and coming to grips with comsol as a whole. There seems to be some inaccuracies when the timing increases, so I'm having to figure out how to increase accuracy without drastically increasing compute time. On the bright side, I switched the model to heating via deposited beam, for a more accurate model.


Attached is comsol's handling of a deposited beam modulated sinusoidally with a frequency of 0.1 Hz and screwing up badly.  Y axis is the average surface tempurature across the whole disc.


Attachment 1: Screenshot_from_2019-02-15_21-40-01.png  33 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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