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Entry  Sat Mar 17 15:27:48 2018, rana, General, General, file size >> small 
    Reply  Mon Aug 20 15:44:56 2018, rana, General, General, file size >> small 
Message ID: 128     Entry time: Mon Aug 20 15:44:56 2018     In reply to: 127
Author: rana 
Type: General 
Category: General 
Subject: file size >> small 


  1. click 'Clear Mesh' under the mesh menu
  2. 'Clear Solutions' under the Study menu

In this way the file sizes will be ~100 kB instead of 10's of MB.


When saving your COMSOL files do these two things to make the files much smaller (good for saving in version control and sharing):

  1. File -> Compact History
  2. Preferences -> Files -> Optimize for File Size (not speed)


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