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Entry  Mon Jan 22 21:13:25 2018, aaron, Mechanics, PonderSqueeze, tips from Shoaib 
    Reply  Mon Jan 29 23:02:13 2018, aaron, Mechanics, PonderSqueeze, tips from Shoaib 
Message ID: 125     Entry time: Mon Jan 22 21:13:25 2018     Reply to this: 126
Author: aaron 
Type: Mechanics 
Category: PonderSqueeze 
Subject: tips from Shoaib 

I talked with Shoaib about some changes I could make to the FEA model to improve convergence and reduce memory usage. Summary:

  • use a hex mesh rather than tetrahedral
  • Use more structured meshes. In particular, I can make an angled swept the mesh in the tapered portions rather than using a free mesh in these regions, defining the mesh only on one boundary
  • Use a nonconformal mesh, so adjacent domains do not need to have matching meshes. This could allow transitions to coarser meshes as the fiber becomes thicker or contacts the horn
  • try using curved elements so the curvature isn't just approximated by the number of regular mesh elements
  • Might try scaling the model uniformly by some factor (100, 1000), which could avoid machine precision issues

I'll get these implemented this week and see if the computation goes through.

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