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Message ID: 124     Entry time: Thu Jan 18 21:13:59 2018
Author: aaron 
Type: Optics 
Category: PonderSqueeze 
Subject: modifications to Gautam's 40m finesse model 

I made a copy of Gautam's 40m model to add the unstable filter cavity for the ponderomotive squeezing project. I wanted to make a more explanatory record of the changes I've made because I think some of them might be necessary for other scripts using gautam's original model, but I have not implemented them in that file (also just for my own paper trail).


  • swapped the role of nXBS and nYBS; before I think it was sending the reflected beam at the main BS to the X arm, and the transmitted beam to the Y arm
  • I kept nPOY, but I am a bit confused by it--this is the beam returning from the x-arm that is transmitted in to the BS, but it isn't followed out of the BS; rather it seems this pick off beam is detected inside the BS substrate, which is odd. Anyway we aren't using it for now.
  • Changed some labels to distinguish between the beamsplitter already in the IFO (IBS) and the BS used in the quantum phase compensator (QBS)
  • Added a quantum phase compensator cavity, consisting of QP1 and QP2, as well as a mirror (QP0) to direct light transmitted from the QPC through QBS back to QBS
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