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Entry  Fri Dec 4 18:32:02 2015, rana, General, Configuration, COMSOL: remote server w/ matlab BrownianSweep.tgz
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    Reply  Tue Aug 11 16:35:07 2020, aaron, General, Configuration, COMSOL: remote server w/ matlab 
Message ID: 102     Entry time: Fri Dec 4 18:32:02 2015     Reply to this: 139   140
Author: rana 
Type: General 
Category: Configuration 
Subject: COMSOL: remote server w/ matlab 

This summarizes how to get the remote comsol server to run. COMSOL is now on tegmeni thanks to Larry.

On the server:

rana@tegmeni|~> /usr/local/comsol51/multiphysics/bin/comsol server -login force

This starts up a comsol server instance, listening on port 2036. '-login force' will ask you to supply a username and password which you make up. You will have to enter these later from the client side.

On my laptop, from the MATLAB prompt:

>> addpath('/Applications/COMSOL51/Multiphysics/mli/')

>> mphstart('tegmeni.ligo.caltech.edu', 2036,'uname','pword')

That's it! Now you just run the matlab script which runs the COMSOL file.

I'm attaching a tarball of the .mph file (written by Dmitry Kopstov from MSU) and the associated matlab scripts which change the parameters, as well as looping over test mass thickness to produce a plot of Brownian noise PSD v. 

Attachment 1: BrownianSweep.tgz  4.238 MB
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