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  Draft   Fri Apr 29 15:00:47 2022 StephenProgressHWS_PAD Actions taken this week:

Placed PO for


Next steps (for next week):
  267   Fri Apr 15 16:15:56 2022 StephenProgressHWS_PADXY Stage build for TM-HPAD in Downs 318, device testing and joining of axes[Stephen, Jordan, Camille]

We continued building the Zaber
XY stage, following instructions in vendor
  266   Thu Apr 14 14:12:23 2022 StephenProgressHWS_PADXY Stage build for TM-HPAD in Downs 318[Stephen, Jordan, Camille]

We started building the Zaber XY
stage, following instructions in vendor
  Draft   Tue Feb 8 18:52:56 2022 StephenProgressRTS for COCAnneal of SN0818 and SN0654 at 500°C for 100 hours[WIP Placeholder]

SN0818 and SN0654 (25 mm HR
witness samples - SN0818 is ETM, SN0654 is
  264   Tue Feb 1 10:05:46 2022 StephenProgressRTS for COC Anneal of SN1009 at 500C for 56 hours SN1009 (80 mm witness sample) was annealed
between 01 and 04 February 2022 - used the
large furnace in Downs 221, atmosphere was
  263   Fri Jan 28 18:01:33 2022 StephenProgressRTS for COCAnneal of SN1009 at 500C for 10 hoursSN1009 (80 mm witness sample) was annealed
between 28 and 31January 2022 - used the
large furnace in Downs 221, atmosphere was
  262   Tue Jan 25 18:25:22 2022 StephenProgressRTS for COCAnneal of SN1009 at 400C for 10 hoursSN1009 (80 mm witness sample) was annealed
between 25 and 26 January 2022 - used the
large furnace in Downs 221, atmosphere was
  261   Wed Jan 19 18:31:18 2022 StephenProgressRTS for COCAnneal of SN1009 at 300C for 10 hoursSN1009 (80 mm witness sample) was annealed
between 19 and 20 January 2022 - used the
large furnace in Downs 221, atmosphere was
  260   Tue Oct 12 12:59:23 2021 StephenHow ToGeneralLista tool chest jammed, opened[Stephen, Dean]

Aaron's past experience at
  259   Fri Oct 1 20:44:08 2021 StephenProgressTMDSFabrication and drawing of Connector Guard[Stephen]

Ref. D1400331-v8
Item 48 - new high voltage feedthrough D2000585
  258   Fri Oct 1 19:58:57 2021 StephenProgressCOC AbsorbersCoupons cut for Bead Blasting (quote pending)[Stephen]

WIP placeholder

Ref. T2100351 instructions, plus
  257   Fri Oct 1 19:14:49 2021 StephenProgressRTS for COCCarbon tape absorber refererences on 1" optic[Stephen]

WIP placeholder
  256   Fri Sep 24 13:40:22 2021 StephenProgressRTS for COCModified 75mm RTS mount ring to host 80mm witness sampleSimple machining operation setup and executed
in Downs 228. Taking notes for future replication,
and to drop the Photo
  255   Thu Sep 16 21:23:08 2021 StephenProgressRTS for COCSEM Log for LMA Coating Chamber panel couponImaging effort of coupons collected from
LMA coating chamber panels.

uncoated_A_01 = area where coating
  254   Thu Sep 9 14:56:26 2021 StephenProgressRTS for COCAnneal of SN1535 at 300C for 10 hours

SN1535 was annealed between 07
and 08 September 2021 - used the large furnace
  253   Fri Sep 3 14:25:00 2021 StephenProgressRTS for COCAnneal of SN0932 at 300C for 10 hoursSN0932 was annealed between 02 and 03 September
2021 - used the large furnace in Downs 221,
atmosphere was air, used glass petri dishes
  252   Tue Jul 27 14:32:30 2021 Rich AbbottElectronicsHelicoflex Enclosure105kHz FC DetectorLuis, Chub, Calum, Jordan, Dean, Rich

Today we filled neon into the new
enclosure (Dxxx) that's destined for
  251   Wed May 19 09:24:32 2021 StephenProgressRTS for COCKeyence Microscope integrated into RTS SetupStephenA, 20 April 2021

Finished integrating the RTS Microscope
Mount Assembly for the Keyence VH-Z250T lens
  250   Thu Apr 8 17:01:52 2021 StephenHow ToModal TestingTroubleshooting low vibrometer signal / absence of ring downRegina's problem statement:

 I attached examples of two
measurements I got and wanted to know if
  249   Tue Nov 24 12:31:05 2020 Marie K. SummaryBS BRDsLHO BRDs monitoringLHO BRDs:

I didn't observe frequency
drifts during the month of assembly and monitoring
  248   Tue Nov 24 11:09:18 2020 Marie K.SummaryBS BRDsLHO BRDs ready for C&BThis morning I handed off the parts for
the 5 LHO BRDs to Bob Cottingham at LLO for
Clean&Bake (https://ics.ligo-la.caltech.edu/JIRA/browse/clean-10214)
  247   Thu Nov 19 15:55:45 2020 StephenProgressVacuumNuts and Rod for A+ FC Tube Support StandStephen A, 2020 Nov 19

Ordered and received PO 75-S492380
including threaded rod and nut with 2"-12
  246   Fri Oct 23 12:25:13 2020 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDsBS BRDs for LLO are assembled and tunedThe 5 BS BRDs for installation at LLO are
now assembled and tuned in the LLO Optics
Lab. The target frequencies are 16.846 Hz
  245   Thu Oct 22 14:45:22 2020 AidanComputingHWS_PADHWS point absorber diagnostic - frame grabber not responding. The EDTpdv framegrabber is unaccessible
following a security update to the HWS computer.
The lspci command shows the EDT frame grabber
  244   Thu Oct 22 14:33:50 2020 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDsBS BRDs for LHO are assembled and tunedThe 5 BS BRDs for installation at LHO are
now assembled and tuned in the LLO Optics
Lab. The target frequencies are 17.79 Hz
  243   Mon Sep 28 09:31:30 2020 Calum TorrieMechanicsTMDSTMDS FRS TICKET 15312https://services.ligo-la.caltech.edu/FRS/show_bug.cgi?id=15312   
  242   Tue Jun 23 16:18:44 2020 Isabella Dula ProgressBS BRDsFinite Element Analysis on BS BRD blades V5, V6, and simplified rectangular bladeBasis structural analysis was completed
on models of the V5, V6, and a simple rectangular
version of the BS BRD blades. The modesl
  241   Wed Mar 4 11:32:43 2020 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDsBRD9v5 & BRD10v5 on BSRight after tuning the BRDv5 9 and 10 (see
238), I installed them on the BS and
  240   Fri Feb 28 11:22:06 2020 Marie K.ElectronicsBS BRDsScheme of the electronics for BS measurementsFor reference, please find the description
of the current installation in the drawing
  239   Thu Feb 27 12:16:22 2020 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDsBRD5_v5 & BRD6_v5 off the BSToday I removed the BRD5_v5 and BRD6_v5
from the BS suspension, after their 6 months
  238   Thu Feb 27 11:50:02 2020 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDsBRD9_V5 and BRD10_v5 installed today on BSBRD9_v5 and BRD10_v5 were remeasured and
tuned yesterday (see elog
  237   Wed Feb 26 14:40:52 2020 Marie K.SummaryBS BRDsBS Roll mode : BRD5_v5 & BRD6_v5====== Roll mode

Here is a summary of the BS roll
mode survey with BRD5_v5 and BRD6_v6 attached
  236   Wed Feb 26 11:24:35 2020 Marie K.SummaryBS BRDsBS Bounce mode : BRD5_v5 & BRD6_v5====== Bounce Mode

Here is a summary of the BS bounce
mode survey with BRD5_v5 and BRD6_v6 attached
  235   Wed Feb 26 10:46:53 2020 Isabella Dula ProgressBS BRDsTuning BRD9V5 and BRD10V5Constructed and tuned the BRD9 and BRD10
V5. The masses on each BRD were:

  234   Wed Feb 19 13:28:18 2020 StephenItems to BuyGeneralGigE Camera - IR Sensitivity improvements availableContributors

Stephen, Noah

  233   Wed Feb 19 10:58:46 2020 DulaProgressBS BRDsTuning BRD9V5Data is in attached excel file.  BRD9_10_V5.xlsx 
  232   Mon Jan 27 14:31:28 2020 Maria GProgressBS BRDsBRD 7 and BRD 8From January 14 to the 21, Bounce BRD 7's
frequency drifted -2.68% which differes from
the drift logged on January 14 which was
  231   Thu Jan 16 16:05:14 2020 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDsExpected Q vs mistuningTo determine the best achievable Q as a
function of the mistuning, we studied a simple
model with 2 resonant masses (see elog
  230   Tue Jan 14 14:59:47 2020 Maria GProgressBS BRDsTuning BRD 7Overnight the Bounce mode of BRD7_v5 drifted
0.16% which is surprising if we compare it
to the drift from the previous month which
  229   Tue Jan 14 14:47:33 2020 Maria GProgressBS BRDsBRD 7 and 8 Drift WitnessesToday we added the masses for the Roll
of BRD 8:

4.043+2.351+screw= 7.293g
  228   Mon Jan 13 14:36:32 2020 Maria GProgressBS BRDsBRD 7 and 8 Drift WitnessesWe built 2 BRDs with version 5 of the blade
before the break to be used as witnesses
for the drift over the next weeks. BRD 8
  227   Fri Jan 10 11:53:22 2020 Craig WorleyProgressModal TestingRelayed measurements of VMDCIT Modal lab is currently experimenting
using a mirror relay to measure the VMD at
a 45 degree angle to the mounting plate.
  226   Fri Dec 13 13:06:36 2019 Jordan ProgressClean and BakeSmall ABO Controller UpgradeBelow are the temperature v. time plots
from the new Platinum series contoller/software.
The profile ran was a 2.5 hour ramp to 94°C,
  225   Fri Dec 13 10:57:23 2019 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDsSurvey of BRD_v5 drifts on BS (Fall 2019)Attached are the measurements of the bounce
roll transfer function of the dummy BS with
BRD5 and BRD6 (v5 blades) fastened to the
  224   Thu Dec 12 11:16:03 2019 StephenProgressGeneralSR3 ROC Actuator photosStephenA, various others :)

Sharing a link to photos of SR3
ROC Actuator efforts in various labs at CIT
  221   Thu Dec 5 11:19:11 2019 Isabella DulaProgressBS BRDsBRD4 V4 Measurements 

See attached file for measurements. 
  220   Thu Nov 21 10:53:59 2019 StephenLab InfrastructureClean and BakeElectrical Check of new Epoxy Curing "Wait Test" OvenRichA, StephenA, LizN 12 November 2019
(catching up after-the-fact)

A new simple oven has been procured
  219   Tue Nov 19 09:36:56 2019 Marie K.ProgressBS BRDs3 masses model checkFollowing up elog 217, I want to make sure
that the 2 BRD model is correct. Here is
a comparison of the model with the 2 identical
  218   Fri Nov 15 10:45:18 2019 Craig WorleyProgress Data Normalization Script and VMD Testing Document @ CITUpdated T1900341 Matlab code with additional
comments to allow for more ease in changing
the code for individual needs. Also updated
  217   Fri Nov 8 13:47:22 2019 Marie K.GeneralBS BRDsModel with 2 BRDs We want to compare the model transfer function
with the measurements on BS.

We built a model with two BRDs
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