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Message ID: 259     Entry time: Fri Oct 1 20:44:08 2021
Author: Stephen 
Type: Progress 
Category: TMDS 
Subject: Fabrication and drawing of Connector Guard 


Ref. D1400331-v8 Item 48 - new high voltage feedthrough D2000585 protrudes along axis and requires protection.

Constructed simple connector guard for a 6" conflat on TMDS, with the following materials:

 - Stainless 304 sheet, 4" x 36" cut to length (a little long since I initially thought the conflat was 6.5" OD, but intended length is 18.7" for the 18.8" diameter) - p/n McMaster 1421T63

 - Stainless worm drive clamp - p/n McMaster 5682K22

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