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Message ID: 247     Entry time: Thu Nov 19 15:55:45 2020
Author: Stephen 
Type: Progress 
Category: Vacuum 
Subject: Nuts and Rod for A+ FC Tube Support Stand 

Stephen A, 2020 Nov 19

Ordered and received PO 75-S492380 including threaded rod and nut with 2"-12 thread.  These items are under consideration for A+ FC Tube Support Stand, particularly for use in weldment D2000445. Some observations:

  • Thread area seems very small, nuts seem very large - wonder how strong the interface is.
  • Pitch seems cumbersome - minutes may be necessary to install a nut in the middle of the thread.
  • External thread appears to have some small damaged areas. Thread of nut can run over these areas, but with increase in friction.
  • No apparent wobble or loosness of nut due to fit.
  • Nut appears to have a oily coating applied to the outer surfaces, but not to internal threads.

Also ordered were two McMaster offerings which could be used for rust inhibiting conversion coatings (formulations appear to be based on phosphoric acid - more could be learned by investigating specific products). Potential workflow for experimenting:

  1. Learn about the operating instructions for the specific product
  2. Apply the coatings to 1 nut each (preclean needed for outer surfaces?)
  3. Apply the coatings to different regions of the threaded rod

This experiment would allow us to learn about how the conversion coatings may work and behave.

See attached photos and video for more insights.

Attachment 1: IMG_7794.JPG  2.853 MB  | Show | Show all
Attachment 2: IMG_7795.JPG  2.079 MB  | Show | Show all
Attachment 3: IMG_7796.JPG  2.016 MB  | Show | Show all
Attachment 4: IMG_7799.MOV  19.312 MB
Attachment 5: IMG_7801.JPG  2.517 MB  | Show | Show all
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