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Message ID: 235     Entry time: Wed Feb 26 10:46:53 2020
Author: Isabella Dula  
Type: Progress 
Category: BS BRDs 
Subject: Tuning BRD9V5 and BRD10V5 

Constructed and tuned the BRD9 and BRD10 V5. The masses on each BRD were:

  Roll Mode mass (g) Bounce Mode mass (g)
BRD9V5 7.31 10.061
BRD10V5 7.309



In the attached excel spreadsheet are the measured frequencies of the BRDs before and after tuning the dampeners. The BRDs were tuned to be with +/- 1% of the ideal value for the dampeners. These frequencies are 16.69 Hz for the bounce mode and 24.34 Hz for the roll mode. Also, the change in frequency over this week-long process was recorded to determine potential drift of the dampeners. 

Attachment 1: BRD9_10_V5.xlsx  15 kB
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