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Message ID: 230     Entry time: Tue Jan 14 14:59:47 2020
Author: Maria G 
Type: Progress 
Category: BS BRDs 
Subject: Tuning BRD 7 

Overnight the Bounce mode of BRD7_v5 drifted 0.16% which is surprising if we compare it to the drift from the previous month which was lower and in the other direction. The Roll mode of BRD7_v5 drifted by 0.06% and also in the positive direction. As mentioned in elog 154 we want to tune the BRD to 16.69 Hz for Bounce and 24.34 Hz for Roll.

We tuned the bounce side at 0.25% from the target at 16.731 Hz. We noticed that the Q factor increased from 60 to 90 during the tuning. Could it be related to the tightness of the screw? 

We tuned the Roll side 0.07% from the target at 24.347 Hz. Again we see an increase in the Q factor to over 100.

Attachment 1: BRD_7_v5.xlsx  17 kB  Uploaded Wed Jan 15 10:01:07 2020
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