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Entry  Mon Jan 13 14:36:32 2020, Maria G, Progress, BS BRDs, BRD 7 and 8 Drift Witnesses BRD_7_v5.xlsx
    Reply  Tue Jan 14 14:47:33 2020, Maria G, Progress, BS BRDs, BRD 7 and 8 Drift Witnesses 
Message ID: 228     Entry time: Mon Jan 13 14:36:32 2020     Reply to this: 229
Author: Maria G 
Type: Progress 
Category: BS BRDs 
Subject: BRD 7 and 8 Drift Witnesses 

We built 2 BRDs with version 5 of the blade before the break to be used as witnesses for the drift over the next weeks. BRD 8 v5 is made with a baked blade from last summer. We didn't have time to properly tune the BRDs, but they can still be used as witnesses.

BRD 7 v5 BRD 8 v5 (baked)
Bounce: 4.228+4.229+screw= 9.269g Bounce: 4.221+2.42+2.35+screw= 9.843g
Roll: 4.173+2.366+screw= 7.360g Missing screw to complete

Here are the measurment results for BRD 7 v5 before and after the break. We see a negative drift for both modes. For the roll mode the drift is -0.1% and the bounce mode is -0.3%.


Attachment 1: BRD_7_v5.xlsx  12 kB  Uploaded Mon Jan 13 16:30:26 2020
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