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Message ID: 224     Entry time: Thu Dec 12 11:16:03 2019
Author: Stephen 
Type: Progress 
Category: General 
Subject: SR3 ROC Actuator photos 

StephenA, various others :)

Sharing a link to photos of SR3 ROC Actuator efforts in various labs at CIT - others involved in various measurements are welcome to add their own photos here.


Related documents:

Notes about the lab setups:

  • In the lab at CIT, we make use of a type K thermocouple (Accuglass p/n 100770 with Hot Junction flat washer lug termination, aka 1/4-20 washer). Accuglass non-controlled print is attached.
    • This auxiliary thermocouple is not used in situ. This caused confusion as documented in FRS Ticket 10063. There is an internal temperature sensor native to the heater which is used.


Attachment 1: image3.JPG  123 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: accuglass_type_k_thermocouple_with_flat_washer_6-103011.pdf  46 kB  Uploaded Thu Mar 12 13:56:08 2020  | Hide | Hide all
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