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Message ID: 220     Entry time: Thu Nov 21 10:53:59 2019
Author: Stephen 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Clean and Bake 
Subject: Electrical Check of new Epoxy Curing "Wait Test" Oven 

RichA, StephenA, LizN 12 November 2019 (catching up after-the-fact)

A new simple oven has been procured which will be dedicated to dirty operations like the "Wait Test" (in other words, elevated temperature checks that proportions and procedures of epoxy mixing have been adequate mixing of epoxy, such as EP30-2 - ref. T1300322 section I.5).

This oven has been property tagged and Liz was planning to help input into the PCS system - C32329 is the property tag but currently there is a conflict in PCS; here is the conflicting entry https://services.ligo-la.caltech.edu/Inventory/history.php?recid=1590&invtype=cit_noncap

Rich has reviewed the electrical characteristics of the toaster (Power = 1150 W per manufacturer spec, so current drawn will be < 10 A, and therefore no issue plugging into standard wall outlet) and has checked dis/continuity of ground and power at the plug. Rich has given the OK to proceed using this oven.

Photos show oven, property tag, and receipt.


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