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Message ID: 213     Entry time: Fri Oct 18 09:42:03 2019
Author: Luis Sanchez 
Type: General 
Category: A-plus 
Subject: Air Puge valve for HAM7 L1, H1 attemp number 2. 

Luis, Rich, Don:

After getting some feedback from Chandra, we agree to revise the documents D1900114 and D1900116. This revision is to allocate the air purge valve on the other side of the chamber, now changing the valve from D6 Flange to D2 Flange. The documents are being modified by Don. As seen in the image, we are also adding the "HDS" on the suspension lines for better identification. The seismic db25 connectors are being allocated to D3 Flange and D3-F11 and D3-F112. The same modifications are being made to document D1900116.

Attachment 1: After_getting_some_feedback_from_Chandra.pdf  276 kB  Uploaded Fri Oct 18 10:50:55 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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