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Message ID: 212     Entry time: Thu Oct 10 13:01:21 2019
Author: Luis Sanchez 
Type: Plan 
Category: General 
Subject: Air Puge valve for HAM7 L1, H1 


A modification on documents D1900114 and D1900116 is on the works, and the changes will be modified by Don, as soon as he has the time. This new change is required because we need a one port for the Air Purge Valve at HAM7. This valve will help to bring the Chamber to room conditions -not under pressure-. Squeezer Tip-Tiilts that are located on D6 Flange (IC1, IC2) will change their location to D8 Flange, which is located at the top of the chamber. D8 will be a  flange with 12 dsubs with 25 pins each.

Attachment 1: Air_Purge_Valve_location_HAM7.pdf  205 kB  Uploaded Thu Oct 10 14:14:23 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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