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Message ID: 202     Entry time: Wed Aug 28 10:52:06 2019
Author: Andy R. 
Type: Progress 
Category: BS BRDs 
Subject: BRD Tuning 

BRD5 and BRD6 are mounted in the BS suspension for testing and were tuned to the following resonant frequencies. Note BRD5 Roll mass was changed to: 4.23g+2.27g+long screw = 7.357g.

  BRD5 Roll BRD5 Bounce BRD6 Roll BRD6 Bounce
Measured Frequency (Hz) 24.412 16.704 24.256 16.656
Difference from Resonance (Hz) 0.072 0.014 -0.084 -0.034
Percent Difference 0.3% 0.08% -0.35% -0.2%
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