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Message ID: 197     Entry time: Mon Aug 19 16:21:08 2019
Author: Marie K. 
Type: Progress 
Category: BS BRDs 
Subject: Baking the blades 

[Calum, Agueda, Marie]

We are looking into solutions to the sagging of the blades (v4 and v5) over time as measured by Andy. One idea is to bake the blades as it would be done to prepare them for the installation at the sites. Today we started the oven and set it to 120 deg C. We will bake the blades for 48 hours as described here for example.

  • 08/19/19 1:00 pm: 48 degC. Two v4 blades and two v5 blades were added in the oven.
  • 08/19/19 2:00 pm: 106 degC
  • 08/19/19 4:00 pm: 106 degC
  • 08/20/19 7:00 am: 106 degC. The oven temperature is low but we will leave it this way for now.
  • 08/21/19 9:00 am: 106 degC. We turned off the oven and took the blades out.

The blades will now be used to build new BRDs and check if the drifing is reduced by the bake.


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