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Message ID: 177     Entry time: Wed Jul 31 11:57:19 2019
Author: Andy R. 
Type: Progress 
Category: BS BRDs 
Subject: BRD1 and BRD3 Tuning 

Retuning of BRD1_v4 and BRD3_v4 Bounce and Roll modes. Given results are averages over 4 measurements and accuracy is from desired frequencies of 16.69 Hz and 24.34 Hz for the Bounce and Roll modes, respectively. 

Mode BRD1_v4 Bounce BRD1_v4 Roll BRD3_v4 Bounce BRD3_v4 Roll
f (Hz) 16.693 24.26 16.66 24.32
Q 100.4 117.9 154.4 137.4
Accuracy 0.016% -0.34% -0.18% -0.097%


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