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  1273   Thu Jul 16 21:54:10 2015 MattDailyProgressCOMSOLPotential loss sources and more COMSOL modelingI put together a quick COMSOL model of
the Painter 2 resonator that Zack, Nic, and
I were testing earlier. The first mode was
  1272   Thu Jul 16 00:31:15 2015 MattUpdateCOMSOLPinwheel modeling with COMSOL and Q measurementsToday Dmitry and I spent some time
simulating the pinwheel cantilever with COMSOL
so that I could get my feet wet with the
  1271   Sun Jul 12 01:21:22 2015 ranaUpdateSiFi - ringdownRingdown measurement with new clampProbably right, but hard to be sure.

20% sounds like a lot, but its
really not if the tolerances were not held
  1270   Fri Jul 10 11:44:27 2015 ZachUpdateSiFi - ringdownRingdown measurement with new clampThe modes aren't close enough. We designed
these to be different in frequency by increments
of 20% for exactly that reason.
  1269   Fri Jul 10 11:12:16 2015 ranaUpdateSiFi - ringdownRingdown measurement with new clampI wonder about the mode beating effect
on the ringdown. Can you post the spectrum
so we can see what the overlap is? If the
  1268   Thu Jul 9 17:45:03 2015 MattUpdateSiFi - ringdownRingdown measurement with new clampToday Zach and I tried out the new clamp
setup. The clamp is much thicker than the
previous post design and has a lip to constrain
  1267   Wed Jul 8 20:07:21 2015 ZachSummarySiFi - ringdownSummary of all ringdowns thus far

  1266   Thu Jul 2 16:15:40 2015 ZachDailyProgressSiFi - ringdownQuick update on recent measurements[Matthew, Nic, Zach]

the last few days, we've done 2 significant
  1265   Wed Jun 10 18:09:39 2015 ZachUpdateSiFi - ringdownSecond prototype cantilever cryogenic Q not greatI measured the Q of the second
prototype with the new clamp in the cryostat
at low temperature. The result was 
  1264   Sun Jun 7 17:33:31 2015 ZachUpdateSiFi - ringdownNew clamp received, second prototype cantilever made, some measurementsThis is a recap of some things that
have happened over the last couple days that
I have yet to elog.
  1263   Sun Jun 7 17:06:49 2015 ZachLab InfrastructureCryoLN2 refilled, new dewar #200(on Thursday...)

  1262   Wed Jun 3 19:39:18 2015 ZachNotesSiFiSi structure fabrication processI
went into the lab with Justin today to make
our second prototype resonator.
  1261   Tue Jun 2 16:38:17 2015 ZachUpdateSiFiSuspension blades acquiredNorna
very graciously acquired me some spare aLIGO
prototype blade springs.
  1260   Wed May 27 19:23:25 2015 ZachUpdateSiFiFirst prototype cantilever madeJustin was working this week on
the first barbell-type cantilever, and he
handed me the finished product this afternoon.
  1259   Mon May 18 12:34:06 2015 ZachSummarySiFiGWADW 2015 posterThe GWADW poster can be found at G1500651.
Also, here is the rendering I made for it:
  1258   Mon May 18 12:31:25 2015 ZachPhotosSiFiA taste of things to come...EDIT (ZK): The rough estimate
for the payload as it is currently envisioned
is about 3 kg, considerably lower than the
  1257   Sun May 17 18:39:48 2015 Rana(?)PhotosSiFiA taste of things to come...Sounds wise. But if you have a good idea
of what's needed in terms of mass for
the platform (with appropriate extra trim
  1256   Sat May 16 22:06:55 2015 ZachPhotosSiFiA taste of things to come...Talking with him, I got the impression
that going with spares, if they are available,
is the best course. We can probably do better
  1255   Sat May 16 15:34:47 2015 ranaPhotosSiFiA taste of things to come...Might be able to get blades made instead
of just using spares. Crackle might have
some spares and they also have a place they
  1254   Wed May 13 06:37:30 2015 ZachPhotosSiFiA taste of things to come...I've been working on an early-stage
mockup of the in-vacuum setup for the main
experiment for my GWADW poster.
  1253   Thu May 7 03:35:49 2015 ZachElectronicsSensorsRL readout PD with humbuckingI got the second inductor in recently,
so I tested out the humbucking circuit.
Here are the results of a quick trial:
  1252   Wed May 6 18:01:02 2015 nicolasLab InfrastructureDrawingsCryostat base plateTo lift the cap screws of the cryostat
off the table, I've designed this base
  1251   Tue May 5 17:10:14 2015 ranaUpdateSiFiwafers receivedNOVA wafers are here and on the VIP desk
in Koji's office.

ZK: Wafers unpacked
  1250   Thu Apr 30 18:00:47 2015 ZachUpdateSiFiDiced wafers receivedWe re-received the 6" wafers
we had sent to American Precision Dicing
to be chopped up last week. One
  1249   Thu Apr 30 17:53:20 2015 ZachCryostatPurchasesGetters gottenBeing the go-getters we are, we
got our spare getters gotten. They'll
be stored in the cabinet for when we need
  1248   Fri Apr 24 04:31:48 2015 ZachLaserSiFiCavities locked simultaneously, transmission setup builtI was running into some issues
optimizing the servos with the present actuation
setup, and I had a conversation with Dmass
  1247   Thu Apr 23 03:09:49 2015 ZachDailyProgressSiFiWindows installed, cryostat top with cavities placed in body, cavities realigned, lockedThese things happened over the
last few days but haven't been elogged.

  1246   Tue Apr 21 21:30:50 2015 ranaLab InfrastructureDrawingsLab Layout circa Feb. 2015 (according to Nic)Heavy Duty (14 gauge steel) cabinet w/o
glass doors, but with door storage ordered.

  1245   Tue Apr 21 14:19:16 2015 ZachLaserPurchasesFiber isolators arrivedWe bought some IO-H-1550APC
fiber isolators from ThorLabs last week.
They arrived today:
  1244   Fri Apr 17 05:15:26 2015 ZachLaserSiFiTest cavities rebuilt on cold plate, aligned, locked (separately)Given the level of noise I saw
in air with the table-mounted test cavity
yesterday (CRYO:1242),
  1243   Fri Apr 17 04:39:25 2015 ZachUpdateSiFiTwo 150mm wafers sent for dicingI sent two of our 150mm (~6")
wafers to be diced by American
Precision Dicing (Justin's recommendation).
  1242   Thu Apr 16 15:58:02 2015 ZachLaserSiFiGyro RFPDs installed, tuned, E cavity PDH tuned and cavity lockedWell, I got partway through
the plan for the day, anyway.

Rather than align the W
  1241   Wed Apr 15 01:19:14 2015 ZachLaserSiFiInput paths, frontal beat, test cavities set up and aligned, ready to lockI bought and received the last
optics I was missing (90R/10T BSs) last week,
so I began building the real experiment today.
  1240   Tue Apr 14 22:27:18 2015 ranaLab InfrastructureDrawingsLab Layout circa Feb. 2015 (according to Nic)Some
cabinet options (for storage of heav-ish
  1239   Mon Apr 13 11:24:32 2015 ranaNoise HuntingMechanicsPost and base vs. pedestal and forkIts a nice result. As you say, we are lacking
in good writeups about this topic. Mostly
they're plots in the iLIGO elogs
  1238   Sat Apr 11 23:42:03 2015 ZachNotesMechanicsPost and base vs. pedestal and forkTonight, I got to do an experiment
that I've wanted to do for some time
  1237   Sat Apr 11 19:03:58 2015 ZachElectronicsSensorsRL readout PDSeeing Hartmut's talk at the
last LVC meeting about innovative DC photodetector
designs (something necessary for future squeezed
  1236   Wed Apr 8 21:12:19 2015 DmassCryostatSiFiRe-evacuated large cryostatYou can make them yourselves if you want
with activated charcoal and stycast - you
just need to bake and pump to clean it. I
  1235   Tue Apr 7 16:24:18 2015 ZachCryostatSiFiGetter quoteApparently, the getter is made
by IRLabs themselves. They've quoted
me $690 for a replacement (see
  1234   Sat Apr 4 18:08:18 2015 ranaCryostatSiFiRe-evacuated large cryostatGood point. If you or Nic can find it,
please post some getter info and we can get
a spare just in case this one is already
  1233   Thu Apr 2 20:21:18 2015 ZachCryostatSiFiRe-evacuated large cryostatI roughed our cryostat back
down tonight. Remember, this model has
a getter that degrades over time when exposed
  1232   Thu Apr 2 01:03:33 2015 ZachLab InfrastructureSiFiRack set up, table cleared and real layout startedToday, I installed the shelves
into our rack and moved the electronics that
were on the table into it. I then cleared
  1231   Mon Mar 30 17:56:13 2015 DmassNoise HuntingNoise BudgetWest Photothermal Transfer Function Actually Measured

Loss vs T. Confused on error bars
  1230   Fri Mar 27 00:26:02 2015 ZachSummarySiFi - ringdownTaiwan cantilever phi vs. T (old but unreported)Before the LVC meeting, I had just
done a long steady-state Q measurement on
the Taiwan cantilever. I got too distracted
  1229   Thu Mar 26 20:06:02 2015 ZachCryostatSiFi - ringdownSmall cryostat reassembled, Taiwan cantilever in clamp, pumping down[Den, Chris, Nic, Zach]

Since my snafu before the
LVC meeting (CRYO:1225),
  1228   Tue Mar 24 14:34:26 2015 ranaThings to BuyVacuumCryostat unpacked (x-post from SUS elog)I opened one of the viewports today to
inspect it for window size. It does indeed
look like the AccuGlass 2.75 CF (there are
  1227   Mon Mar 23 14:23:09 2015 DmassNoise HuntingNoise BudgetWest Photothermal Transfer Function Actually MeasuredRan the modified Farsi code with temperature
dependance added in for:

Silicon Thermal Conductivity
  1226   Thu Mar 19 14:00:21 2015 DmassNoise HuntingNoise BudgetWest Photothermal Transfer Function Actually MeasuredRaw Data from photothermal TFs:

  1225   Thu Mar 12 18:45:50 2015 ZachCryostatstuff happensEpoxy messI
brought the cyrostat up to room temperature
today to do some work inside, and there appears
  1224   Tue Mar 10 03:51:42 2015 ZachDailyProgressSiFi - ringdownTaiwan cantilever long-term low-temperature phiI reported in the replied-to entry
that the Q of the Taiwanese cantilever at
low temperatures actually appeared to
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