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Message ID: 2821     Entry time: Wed Sep 29 10:27:50 2021
Author: Chris 
Type: Computing 
Category: stuff happens 
Subject: backups 

Backups were restarted for the cryo lab computers gaston, spirou, and cominaux. A 4TB USB drive was connected to cominaux, mounted under /backup, and rsnapshot was configured to run on a nightly basis. It does not back up the full disk, but only those directories where user-generated files are kept (/home, /etc, /usr/local, /opt, /ligo). rsnapshot's configuration files are: /etc/rsnapshot.conf and /etc/cron.d/rsnapshot.

For the cymac, configuration and minute trend files are backed up by rsnapshot to a 1TB disk, mounted as /backup on cymac1.

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