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Entry  Wed Sep 15 16:45:54 2021, aaron, DailyProgress, Optics, cantilever clamped 6x
    Reply  Thu Sep 16 19:15:31 2021, aaron, DailyProgress, stuff happens, another mirror bonded to another cantilever 
Message ID: 2814     Entry time: Thu Sep 16 19:15:31 2021     In reply to: 2813
Author: aaron 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: stuff happens 
Subject: another mirror bonded to another cantilever 

I broke the cantilever while fastening the fork clamp. Afterwards, I used methanol to remove the varnish and separate the mirror from the cantilever shard. I then used a cotton-tipped swab soaked in methanol to clean the varnish from the sides of the mirror. I drag wiped the HR and AR surfaces of the mirror with methanol followed by isopropyl alcohol. Finally, I bonding the mirror to a different cantilever (this one with somewhat more pitting than the previous) -- again bonding with cryo varnish at four points on the sides of the mirror, but on recommendation from Chris this time with the mirror AR surface touching the cantilever.

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