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Message ID: 2692     Entry time: Mon Mar 22 21:41:09 2021     In reply to: 2691     Reply to this: 2693
Author: Chris 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Lab Work 
Subject: lab temperature logging 

standalone_edc now works, and data from the temperature sensors (and other aux epics channels) is again being recorded.

The version of standalone_edc we had from RCG 4.0 silently fails to acquire data, unless symmetricom timing hardware is present. We don’t have such hardware in the cymac. I upgraded cymac1 to RCG 4.1 in order to get a newer version of standalone_edc. It can now use the IOP model as a timing source (--sync-to=x1iop_daq was added to the argument list). All models were rebuilt and reinstalled after the upgrade.

To minimize the chance for confusion, I removed the old nds/daqd service files, and archived the /opt/rtcds/tst/x1/target/fb directory. None of that is used anymore.

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