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Entry  Thu Feb 25 14:21:35 2021, aaron, DailyProgress, ,  
    Reply  Fri Feb 26 10:26:05 2021, Chris, DailyProgress, DAQ,  
    Reply  Fri Feb 26 11:52:31 2021, rana, Computing, DAQ, Cymac & Matlab 
Message ID: 2667     Entry time: Fri Feb 26 10:26:05 2021     In reply to: 2665
Author: Chris 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: DAQ 

To help with the missing files and permissions issues, I did the following:

  • Reset ownership of all files to the controls user, and changed the UID/GID of the advligorts user on cymac1 (it now functions as an alias of controls with equivalent permissions)
  • Shared via NFS the /usr/share/advligorts directory from cymac1. It's now available on the workstations under /opt/advligorts.
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