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Entry  Thu Feb 25 14:21:35 2021, aaron, DailyProgress, ,  
    Reply  Fri Feb 26 10:26:05 2021, Chris, DailyProgress, DAQ,  
    Reply  Fri Feb 26 11:52:31 2021, rana, Computing, DAQ, Cymac & Matlab 
Message ID: 2665     Entry time: Thu Feb 25 14:21:35 2021     Reply to this: 2667   2668
Author: aaron 
Type: DailyProgress 

enter Thu Feb 25 14:21:33 2021

picked up more packaged from Downs

  • heavy duty wire shelving for electronics
  • ipad case for imoku
  • ergonomic keyboard heart
  • 5 in-lb and 4-6 ft-lb torque wrenches

Installing OMA model

  • downloaded Matlab 2020b (!!) from Caltech imss onto Spirou
  • When I open it, am alerted that the following directories are missing:
    • /opt/rtcds/userapps/local
    • The *rtscore* directories are properly linked on cymac1, but the link is dead on spirou and gaston. There must be something amiss with the nfs service. Following the instructions on atf wiki that Jon used to set up LDAS backup for cryo frames...
      • The /opt/rtcds and /opt/rtapps directories are hosted on cominaux (they appear in /etc/exports), and cymac1 and the workstations are set up as clients (both directories are mounted in /etc/fstab).
      • On cominaux, running sudo systemctl restart nfs-common gives an error that the nfs-common.service is masked.
      • On the client side (cymac1), /opt/rtapps is modifiable by controls and owned by root as suggested on wiki, but /opt/rtcds is owned by advligorts (set by Chris, so probably this is correct).
      • I mounted all and set up an rsync server on cymac1 using the steps in the wiki, but no change to /opt/rtcds directory. Subsequently deleted the freshly created /etc/rsyncd.conf, and kill rsyncd.pid, to return cymac1 to its original state.


  • The AI chassis is working, there's no short. It draws 0.48 A on the positive supply, 0.46 A on negative supply in steady state. I gave the Sorensens about 0.5 A overhead by ramping down the current limit until the limit was reached, then increasing the limit by about 1A, then turning on the AI chassis.
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