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Message ID: 2657     Entry time: Fri Feb 19 13:24:10 2021
Author: aaron 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Lab Work 

Enter Fri Feb 19 13:24:02 2021

  • The power strip for the lab workstations was unplugged. Was there a reason for this? I plugged it back in. Nothing wrong necessarily, but since it seems unrelated to anything on the elog and the hall lights were also off want to be sure there wasn't an unauthorized/undocumented lab entry.  
  • I found a slotted lid for rack electronics next to the cymac / cryo cavs rack, and used it to close the OCXO preamp box on PSOMA rack. I think it belonged to the ISS box on cryo cavs rack, which is currently not in use.
  • The Valon 3010 frequency divider had a loose screw rattling around inside. I opened the box (grounded, no power), secured the loose screws, and put the divider in the RF drawer.
  • Moved over the l-He dewar a few inches to confirm we have enough room for a 48" shelf (gap is now 49"). Also lowered its rubber feet, so it is resting on the fixed feet rather than the wheels. 
  • The label makers in EE and cryo are in the Casio family (for reference) 


A lot of the electronics around the lab use green for the negative supply line, and black for ground. I figured I just remembered the convention wrong, but from what I can find online the standard is green for ground and black/red for line in both US and EU... I don't want to change this local convention, but is there a reason we use it? Is this just cryo, or other WB labs / 40m? Since our colors are nonstandard, it's really necessary to label all power wires.

Mostly was fixing the AI chassis.

exit Fri Feb 19 22:01:12 2021

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