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Message ID: 2640     Entry time: Thu Feb 11 14:44:41 2021
Author: aaron 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: wake up spirou 

enter Thu Feb 11 14:44:53 2021

I wanted to access some files on spirou remotely, but it does not wake from sleep on ssh. I found this entry on Debian wiki describing how to enable wake on lan. I followed the steps and confirmed they 'worked' in the manner described on the wiki, but putting spirou to sleep and logging on from gaston returns 'no route to host'. ssh to spirou.local works when spirou is awake, but returns varying errors ('connection timed out' or 'name or service not known', or even elog fragments followed by syntax error) when spirou is asleep.

For now, I've just set spirou to never suspend itself, which will use a bit more power but allow remote work before I figure this out later.

Exit Thu Feb 11 15:42:09 2021

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