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Message ID: 2634     Entry time: Tue Feb 9 13:51:29 2021
Author: aaron 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PSOMA 
Subject: fiber organization 

Enter Tue Feb 9 13:51:25 2021 \

Going to Downs to check on our recent orders. We have received the following, which I unpacked from cardboard before bringing into lab. Locations follow part description:

  • From Thorlabs
    • CS1 cable clamps (10 pack, optomechanics drawers)
    • BFCT passive component fiber tray (6, optomechanics drawers)
    • FSR1-P10 1mm jacketed fiber optic storage reel (pack of 10, optomechanics drawers)
    • CMS010 1/4'' cable tie bases (250, tool box)
    • CMS011 releasable cable ties (100, tool box)
    • CMS021 cable tie ID tags (100, tool box)
    • F230APC-1550 fiber collimation package (3, optics cabinet)
    • AD11F fiber collimation adapter for SM1 mounts (3, optomechanics drawers)
    • K6XS 6 axis lockable O1'' kinematic mount (3, optomechanics drawers)
  • from McMaster-Carr
    • 7566K68 Cable tie mounts (3 packs, tool box)
    • 1370N14 neoprene rubber sheet, 3/32'' thick, 50A durometer (3 sheets 6x6'', optomechanics drawers)
    • 9957K12 neoprene rubber balls, 1'' diameter (5, optomechanics drawers)
    • 92196A535 1/4''-20 socket head screws, 3/8'' long (100, tool box)
    • 92196A537 1/4''-20 socket head screws, 1/2'' long (100, tool box)
    • 92141A029 washers for 1/4'' screws, 0.625'' OD (200, for use in narrow fork clamps; these seem to be the wrong size, the inner diameter ID would fit in the clamp but not the outer diameter OD. Still, good to have and we were low. In the tool box.)

I mounted two of the F230APC-1550 collimators in the K6XS kinematic mounts (with AD11F adapter) and replaced the existing fiberports with these new fixed focus fiber-to-free launches. I also mounted some of the fiber components (splitters, faraday isolators) in trays.


There are some sort of optical storage disks in the stereo. The tunes are good, but there's also a bluetooth receiver hooked up to the video port if you like that sort of thing.

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